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5 Tips which will Make Shaving Much More Effective


Ladies, sitting ideal, don't you sometimes think why God made body hair at all? Well, apart from the role they play in the body, the fact is that our entire gender race is constantly finding new and new ways to get rid of body hair. While some prefer waxing, the others epilator, many women prefer using a razor for the same. 

Using a razor is truly very convenient, painless and quick and there is absolutely nothing wrong with shaving till the time you're doing it the right way. If shaving is leading to skin darkening, then you are probably not making the right use of a right razor. 

Here are 5 things which you shouldn't skip is you are shave frequently. 
1. Use the Right Razor
Do not go to a supermarket and randomly pick up a razor which also could be for men. Also, make sure that the razor comes with a moisturizing strip and bends in the direction you want to shave. Go for quality when it comes to a razor and not the price. The Gillete Venus razor can be a good choice as it is designed specifically for the sensitive female skin type. 

2. Use a Sharp Razor
Make sure to change the blades of your razor every month if you use it everyday or every alternate day. If you feel your razor is working abruptly, it's time for new blades. Also, throw away your disposable razors right after one use. 

3. Exfoliate the Day Before
Usually, it is said that exfoliating right before shaving is helpful and it indeed is. But exfoliating a day before is even better as it helps to open the pores of your skin properly giving it a better after shave finish. 

4. Soak and Use a Moisturizing Shaving Cream
Your skin is soft and it demands to be treated like a baby. So, before shaving, make it ready by sitting in your bath tub filled with warm water at least for 10 minutes. Also, never shave on bare skin and always use a highly hydrating shaving cream. If you happen to run out of shaving cream, use a body-wash or just a moisturizing soap.

5. Post - Shaving Care
You go, shave and you're done! Well, you're not as moisturizing your skin with a rich body lotion or body butter is a must-do. This will ensure that your skin doesn't get itchy and also give it a soft and smooth finish. 

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