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3 Easy Ways To Avoid Skin & Hair Damage This Holi!


Holi, the most loved festival is just around the corner. But with it also comes the hair and skin damage because of all those unnatural colours. So, if you are scared to go out or play, then fret not, as we bring you easy ways to avoid skin & hair damage. Note it all!

#1 Cover up!
Make sure the lesser you show, the better, as the skin will help. Instead of opting for cut sleeves, go with the full sleeves magic, as it will keep you safe from all the colour. Keep your hair tied, as the colour will spoil your hair and make it dry.

#2 Sunscreen to the rescue!
Before you start playing holi, layer up your skin with sunscreen or vaseline, put on a nail paint to avoid colours getting on to your nails. Save your hair from all the colour by putting oil, so that the colour comes off easily.

#3 Wash it with water & Colour!
Stick to basic and instead of putting lot of creams to get rid of colour, just wash off your face and hair with water and normal soap. Shampoo your hair as usual, but don't forget to use conditioner after it, as your hair needs hydration. 

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