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Check Out 4 Unconventional Ways To Use Hair Conditioner!


Dear girls and brides-to-be,
Do you know your favourite hair conditioner not only helps in making your hair luscious and strong but it can also be used in multiple ways. If you ever run out of shaving gel, your conditioner can help you get silky hair free skin. Scroll down as we tell you more unconventional ways that actually work.

#1 Use it as shaving 
Hair conditioners are a great to use instead of shaving creams, so if you ever run out of shaving creams, then don't worry your hair conditioner will solve the purpose. Also, it will soften your hair and prevent any ingrowth while moisturizing your skin.

#2 Cuticle cream
If you hands are dry and you are not finding your cream, then don't worry take a pin sized amount of conditioner and use it on your cuticle area. You will notice your hands getting moisturized.

#3 Help freshen up your clothes!
If  you love beautiful fragrance of clothes, then a drop of conditioner can help you get one in your clothes. All you need to do is mix one part of conditioner in nine parts of water and put it in a spray bottle. Tadda  your fabric freshner is ready.

#4 Moisturizing bath
It also works great when mixed in the bathing water. It almost works as a wet moisturizing gel when added in the bath.

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