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Evelyn Sharma Doned A Very Elegant Look At The Vogue Beauty Awards !


First thing after I saw Evelyn Sharma"s look, I felt that its a pretty perfect makeup look for your cocktail night. Both the hair and the makeup.

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She had a very classy Vintage retro updo, It looked so perfect with her beautiful looks. These vintage buns look super sexy on any girl .

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Moving on to the makeup, She had a beautiful eye makeup going on. Her eyes had shades of gold and a subtle pink, The eye shadow duo can look great with a lot many other attires as well. Indian or westerns.

I loved the gorgeous lashes she had on, It made her eyes look so much more mesmerizing. Her eye makeup was definitely on point.
 Evelyn's face was so beautifully highlighted and she glowed in every way, she also had a pretty pink blush on .

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The lip shade was definitely on point .  She had a super stunning coral shade on and looked so apt with the whole look and her skin tone.

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