A Desert Cinderella at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Architecturally untainted and true to an ancient craft, Suryagarh hotel offers its guests a magnificent sense of space. The architecture is a representation of a unique way of desert life that carefully preserves the traditions of the past with the right hint of a modern expression. This editorial shoot was planned keeping the modern-day side of Suryagrah in mind where I wandered as a desert Cinderella! 

The chariot travelled me back to the fairy-tale times wherein the protagonist chanced upon to meet the love of her life. Suryagarh truly is an illustration of the fantasy land amidst dunes. It takes the path less traveled that uncovers secrets of a land that has been cloaked in legends. I chose to dress up in my favourite Little Black Dress, with some majestic accessories. I love how a boyfriend blazer helps me in a swift transformation of my look. The layer adds a formal touch to the dress and the statement accessories enhances the overall appearance. 

I would generally adopt colours with an LBD but I also know that one can’t go wrong with Monochrome. Wearing a Dorothy Perkins is like a tryst with wanton luxury, a style easy to convey. Suryagarh’s design is a testimony to the splendour and panoply of Rajputana. I wandered like a Jaisalmer heir in between the exquisite structures wearing a statement neckpiece that was admirably bright in the daylight. You have to travel to this place to comprehend the grandeur it offers, the sort of indulging that heretofore is the honour of princelings. 

You can read about my complete travel experience here. Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved creating it :) 

Location- Suryagrah, Jaisalmer
Dress- Forever21
Boyfriend Blazer- Zara
Clutch- Dorothy Perkins for Jabong
Statement Neckpiece- Stylefiesta
Shoes- Asos
Ring- Also Accessories

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Review: Nioxin Dermabrasion Hair Treatment

Sometimes all you need is 20 minutes for your hair! When I say 20, it includes using a cleanser, a scalp revitaliser and a scalp treatment. I had the opportunity to try P&G salon's unique brand- NIOXIN, a salon solution for thicker fuller looking hair. 

During and After the Treatment!
Nioxin products are aimed to combat thinning of the hair. Thinning hair occurs along a spectrum that ranges from barely noticeable thinning to significant thinning/hair loss. With their consumer insights, they have come up with the most appropriate definition for hair thinning; 
Thinning Hair = A Poor Scalp Environment + Fewer Hair Strands + Finer Hair Strands.

The three-part system comprises of a cleanser, scalp therapy and treatment which are formulated with custom-tailored ingredients that address each of the areas of hair biology in different combinations. the 3 part hair therapy included-
- Derma renew service (Facial for scalp): cleansing hair and scalp to remove sebum 
- Density protect: conditioning and protecting hair to help reduce hair loss due to breakage,
- Density repair: by thickening each hair strand.

The therapy was over in almost 20 minutes and the first impression of my hair looked very convincing. The salon staff recommend me to undergo this treatment once every month or twice a month in order to get satisfactory results and to combat hair fall. The first week post the treatment, I have noticed a slight reduction in hair fall but I still think that a few more sessions will address the long term concerns. 

Do I recommend this? Absolutely. Go ahead and give it a try, one session will promise you softer hair with (basic) damage control.

3 part Trial system costs INR 2390 

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Don't you just hate it when you run out of you favorite beauty products at home? Well my today's blog post will help you in creating a cheat sheet that you will absolutely love. I have a home made bronzer recipe, an alternate for makeup remover and much more...

Here's what you can learn from today's video-

1. Use Vaseline to remove eye-makeup and to condition your eye lashes. 
2. Use cocoa powder and cinnamon as a bronzer to highlight cheeks and jawline.
3. Use coconut oil to remove makeup when you run out of your makeup remover. Make sure to rise it immediately and rub the residue to massage your skin.
4. Use baby powder as a dry shampoo to combat oily hair or an oily scalp. 
5. Use mascara as a gel look alike eye liner.

Learn how to make a bronzer using cocoa powder in the new video below-

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 Smokey's BBQ and Grill Review

There are times when you crave exquisite dishes and then the next thing you do to satiate your craving is to look up on the internet and search for a place that serves the best of what you want. Going to  Smokey's BBQ and Grill at Cyberhub Gurgaon wasn't a very natural decision but worth every bite!

Smokeys BBQ and Grill Cyberhub
Smoked Apple Mojito, Mint Mojito, Smoked molecular Cocktail
Fish N Chips
Spinach and Ricotta ravioli 
Bacon N Lamb burger
As soon as you enter Smokey's, you know it's got an ambiance that you can't miss. The rustic, woody decor radiates casual warmth making it a perfect place for late night dinners and extended drink sessions. The place houses freshly barbecued meats that boasts of perfect hint of firewood oven in every bite. The cocktail list has floral & fresh fruit infusions smoked & molecular cocktails. 

Drinks: For drinks, we ordered apple soaked mojito (mocktail), mint mojito and a smoked molecular cocktail. While the mojito lacked potency, the smoked molecular cocktail worked really well with the our combination of starters! 

Starters: We ordered chicken wings that were marinated with house bbq sauce and glazed with south west mop sauce. An ideal way to whet the appetite indeed. Along with the chicken wings we ordered loaded potato skin which is basically potatoes stuffed with sour cream, chives and oozing cheddar cheese that adds a perfect texture to the potatoes.

Mains: You won't usually eat ravioli at  bbq joint, but then I am Miss Guiltybytes and I ended up ordering Spinach and Ricotta ravioli which by the way is yum. It comes tossed in yummy tomato caper sauce that lingers on the palette. For burger, we had Bacon N Lamb burger which had a very juicy and nicely seasoned patty in it. It had a very rich flavor of thyme and was served with baconnaise. In the steaks and meats we again took a different route and settled in for Fish N Chips. If I were to only rate the fish and chips then I would rate it 10 on 10. The tartare sauce was equally mouthwatering! 

Service: The staff is extremely friendly and the service is prompt.

Cost: Well this place is expensive and a meal for two with a round of drinks cost around INR 3500 + taxes

Final Rating: 8/10

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#MakeupForDifference Fab Bag March Review

The Fab Bag team sent over their super cute and really impressive March #Fabbag for a review! Ok, they don't really need an introduction but I am amazed with the new developments they are doing to cater to every woman's beauty needs. The reason why I am highlighting it is because before I received this bag, I actually took a beauty quiz that helped this brand to understand my needs better and the proof was the Mach bag. Check out what all did I get in today's post... 

One thing that I loved about this bag in particular is the quote it has printed on it's pouch. I firmly believe that beauty is about being yourself and that one only needs makeup to enhance their features and not to hide their imperfections. The March fabbag has a Soultree kajal, something I had been longing to try since its made out of organic ghee and 100% natural pigments. It comes in a beautiful packaging that reads AYURVEDIC in bold. The second product that I am extremely excited to try is Inveda BB cream that is appropriate for all skin types. The 8 in 1 cream comes with Magnolia and Almond and comes with an SPF 20. I did wear it once to work and even though the cream reads fair colour, it blends well in my skin tone.  The next product in the line is a voluminous hair spray-gel. I used it for a few hair tutorials that I will be sharing soon on the blog and the results well, are great! The spray gel holds the hair to give the desired volume and doesn't even make it look sticky. A lipstick is what a girl needs in her makeup box to look fresh and beautiful. The rosy shade from Palladio is appropriate for any party and yes I recommend it to all :)

The surprise however in this March Fab bag is the little jewelry that the team added in the bag. I received a rose gold bracelet that I can't wait to style. If you haven't subscribed to the Fab Bag yet, then go ahead, do it now. Treat yourself to some beauty essentials every month and get a chance to try new products and new brands.

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3 Trends To Bookmark This Summer

Summers make every girl happy! And while I don't follow rules, fashion forecasts mainly because my style statement is very comfortable, I am listing down three styles that I will be endorsing this season (religiously)

Style #1: Prints
You would have hardly seen me sport a body con dress and this is my recent purchase from koovs.com. Go all out in prints this season. Wear tribal, floral prints or tops with artistic inspiration. Printed fabrics look absolutely feminine and very stylish!

Style #2: Pop of color
While neons have been big in the fashion circuit for sometime now, make sure you add a pop of colour to your outfit this summer. The best way to sport some color is to opt for statement accessories like bags, arm candy or shoes. I love my neon colored bag with studs embellished in it from Bata. You must check out their new collection that boasts of tasteful colors, patterns and styles :) 

Style #3: Shoes
I know you like to wear slip-ons and strappy sandals but trust me the fashion scene is floating with all kinds of shoes and flat shoes this season. Opt for tan/neutral coloured shoes that will compliment any outfit.

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{PHOTO DIARY} A trip to Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer is truly a gateway to the Thar Desert. By the time I made it to Jodhpur station, I had absolutely no idea as to what to anticipate in the coming ride to Jaisalmer. The roads were beyond brilliant, the deserts were enchanting, and the views were breath-taking enough to keep me excited all through the ride. Breaking away from the regular forts and hotel properties, Suryagarh stands tall in solitary splendour. The first look of the hotel delivers a heritage experience that comes blended with modern luxuries. At the entrance I had folk singers and dancers welcome me and the royal rose petal shower just took away all the tiredness too. 

A grand welcome!
My beautiful room

Personalized schedule!
A desert facing room view!
As soon as I checked in, I was given a schedule for the evening which I have to admit was the one of the best highlights of the trip. A majestic dinner at the dunes, under the starry night sky coupled with the tunes of folk music made me feel like everything was infinite! And yes, the food prepared on the site was glorious.

Breathtaking decor amidst dunes

Wine and folk music, perfect life!

Day two promised an idyllic holi celebration with traditional Rajasthani delicacies and dance performances in the backdrop by the Famous Langa Musicians Mehboob Khan and party. The festival of holi could have never been this spectacular as it was at Suryagarh, this year. I ended up having 8 glasses of legit bhang and everything else is a memory! ;)

grand holi celebrations!

The blogger brigade, Sherry, Vaibhav, Pradipta and me :)
The evening was spent exploring the property. Right from the entrance — with its large doorways, water bodies and arches —Suryagarh transports one to the age of royalty. The property, with three floors, has 62 rooms and suites; a spa called Rait; a fitness centre called Akhara; restaurants Nosh and Legends of Marwad; Draksh, the bar; Tash, the cards and billiards room; and Neel, the indoor swimming pool. Every corner and space in this fort reflects the effort that went into its building. There are memorabilia, photo galleries with pictures of locals and surroundings; display of antiques and everything Jaisalmer! I ended up having dinner at Nosh that as casual seating with interesting artwork. It’s a coffee shop that opens around the clock and serves great deal of comfort food.

Indoor swimming pool
Day three was planned at the helm of nature. We started out with a one-of-a-kind breakfast with peacocks at 6 am. Later part of the day was dedicated to a city tour wherein we visited the golden yellow Jaisalmer Fort. The fort stands almost 30 meters over the city and houses an entire living area within its huge rampart. Me, Pardipta from Popxo and Sherry Shroff had a lot of fun taking these photos. 

Posing at the Jaisalmer fort

Trying out local outfits, sheer work of beauty.
Luxury and royalty got hitched as we indulged in a majestic lunch with the members of Suryagarh family. It was a wonderful lunch with continuous conversations and lots of wine. An elegant preparation of dishes were served in multiple courses showcasing the chef’s expertise of cooking. 

Scrumptious meal with larger than life decor.
Taking the journey forward, I headed out to the Rait SPA. Named in reverence to the sand, this was one of the most indulging destinations within the hotel. I opted for an intoxicating oil and rait treatment that had me feel tranquil all through. I also shot an outfit post that I will be sharing soon on the blog and trust me it’s one of the best shoots done so far :)

A glimpse of the editorial look-book that is coming up next! 
Last night at Suryagarh was the second best highlight of the trip. The evening was set against the backdrop of the hotel, by the lakeside. The dinner table on site was glorious; the lighting, mesmerizing folk singers, the people and the stars bearing down was an experience that’s unmatched.

Dinner under the starry sky, by the lakeside at Suryagarh
Enchanting decor (left) and the most gorgeous looking dinner table (right)
My visit to Jaisalmer was a luxe revival with an imperial twist courtesy Suryagarh. The action packed FAM trip will always remain memorable because of the amazing hospitality, the bloggers I met in the due course (Sherry & Pradipta) and the perfect publicist of the brand, Ekta who ensured that we were all comfortable at all times! 

Plan a monsoon vacation to Suryagarh and you guys will thank me later.

The room tariff starts at  ₹  16,000/- You can check out the property at www.suryagarh.com

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Easy way to clean and condition makeup brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes can be a task, especially when you have so many of them lying in your vanity box! Well, my today's video on how to clean makeup brushes will help you to clean your brushes in a simple way. I learnt it from Michelle Phan and I can't thank her enough :)
Here's is the step by step, DIY Video on how to clean your makeup brushes with home ingredients fo you all. If you like it, do give a big thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. 

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How To Organize Earrings + Swarovski Giveaway

Even though I am the biggest earring hoarder on the planet, I love organizing my earrings into cute little boxes. But wait it just doesn't end there, I have some unique ideas to use old chocolate boxes, ice trays and travel pouches to store your earrings! Psst..there is a GIVEAWAY for you guys as well.

Watch my new video on how to organize earrings. I also have super easy and super cute DIY jewelry box ideas too but most importantly, the video ends in a GIVEAWAY!

To participate, please drop your comment on my YouTube video. Also, if you want me to do more DIYs then also, comment on my video :)

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Indulge In #AllThingsSizzle Menu at Hard Rock Cafe

Carving Sizzling food? Spice things up with a multi-sensory experience at Hard Rock Cafe! You will be treated with a chance to savour the exotic delicacies, as part of the celebrations for the ‘SIZZLE’ Festival. During this month long celebration, indulge in a large spread of delectable sizzlers which will take you for an aromatic journey through the spice fields and citrus farms.

Smoked Chipotle Pepper, Lime & Tequila Prawns
Bacardi Gold Sour
Hungarian Steak Stew 
The Great Eastern Daiquiri
The unique fiesta will tantalize your taste buds with a large spread of classic and delectable dishes sizzled to absolute perfection such as Smoked Chipotle Pepper, Hungarian Steak Stew,  Lebanese Veg Fajita, Herb Lemon Crusted Chicken Scallopini and many more. Sizzle on as the DJs spin some groovy ‘rock n retro’ tunes on weekends along with electrifying live performances by bands that battle out to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform at a global stage in Barcelona, every Thursday. 

Join in the Sizzling celebrations and get a chance to say Hola to Espana!! Participate in #SizzletoBarcelona contest and four lucky ones win an all expense paid trip to Barcelona along with VIP tickets to Hard Rock Cafe LIVE Concert, featuring 2015 Rising winners in a three day music festival alongside some of the biggest musicians alive in an international setting!

What: Sizzle Festival
When: February 20 – March 22, 2015
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi & Gurgaon
Time: 11:30 am – 11:45 pm

Telephone No:  011 – 47158888, 0124 –4949630
*The above information has been provided by Hard Rock Cafe India*

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