Review: Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum

With age and time I have come to a realization that I am a serum person. I have officially replaced all moisturizers with serums this summer and I couldn’t be happier with my skin. Having said that, I am constantly trying new products and today on the blog, I am reviewing Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum.

This serum delivers radiance and keeps the skin hydrated all through the day. I have been using it to prime my skin and I love the way my skin feels so soft and supple.  While most of the serums come packed with anti aging properties, what I essentially love about this product is that it proves skin’s buoyancy & clarity. With clarity I mean treatment of dark spots and blemishes.

The serum has a very light weight texture and is volatile which is also why it descends into the skin extremely well. The pump packaging prevents wastage of the product and is a perfect solution for anti-aging sings. I love the overall packaging of the product.

It is a product that I would recommend to any girl who wants to prevent initial signs of aging and wants to flaunt a brighter looking skin. The Za perfect solution youth whitening serum gives a very dewy finish on the skin and for the current season, you can simply make it your go to product followed by a sunscreen. This non greasy serum can be used for all skin types.

The Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum is priced at ₹1299 for 30ml. I have to admit that if you have a higher propensity to spend and want a one-stop solution for anti-aging and brightening then this is your ‘it’ product.

Product Score: 4/5
Recommend Repurchase: Big Yes!

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My Fashion #MustHaves for the season!

A new season calls for some fresh wardrobe updates! It’s important to add some key items featuring dresses, shoes, accessories and more. Whether you pick out outfits to save your life or you throw on a well coordinated look just by batting your eyelids, this season is all about trying outfits that echo your personality. New styling tricks include mixing textures, layering multiple pieces, and teaming various shades. 

Like every old-school fashion lover, I love to shop at malls. And while I tend to get caught up in a whirlwind and take each day as it whizzes by, I now realize that shopping online is the most fulfilling experience ever courtesy www.amazon.in. I logged in to the website only to discover some of my favorite picks for this season. I couldn’t help but curate my fashion #MustHaves for the season. 

Whether you have to go for a casual Sunday brunch or for a shopping day out with your girlfriends, you can opt for a dress that looks feminine and fun! I love selecting patterns that reflect my personality. I choose to add a contrast to the dress with the golden sandals and a printed bag in pop colour!

An easy way to keep your look fresh and flattering is to do a little white dress in any season! Jazzing up a white dress with a statement watch and a printed bag creates the perfect balance for a girl on the go. The true style comes with the fit … opt for flares that flatter your curves. And yes, the idea is to have fun with accessories when you dress up for a date J

When draped perfectly, sari makes a woman look stunningly gorgeous! The classic Satya Paul printed sari looks effortlessly chic and modern. It is a piece that is like an investment, which will last regardless of your age or trends. I have chosen to dress it up with minimal accessory, black stilettos and bright coral lip!

Treat yourself to an update with these Fashion #MustHaves and take a look at the list I have curated for you all here. Also, don’t forget to share which of these fashion must-haves you are adding to your closet by dropping a comment below

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Easy Fatfree, Glutenfree Pancake Recipe For Breakfast

The basic pancake is made from milk, eggs, flour, baking powder and vanilla but here I am with a healthy take on the pancakes. I have created gluton free, fluffy pancakes for breakfast. Satiate your sweet cravings with home made pancakes that can be made from scratch in no time.  Cook this recipe a few times and it may become part of your everyday breakfast routine!

You can serve these pancakes with a fruit salad featuring plums, mangoes and top it up with caramel or dark chocolate sauce (completely optional). You can use honey as a healthy alternative. The flour-less pancakes tastes absolutely delish and can be consumed as a healthy breakfast, post work out. Here is a step by step DIY video tutorial from my kitchen. The video tutorial features dried berries as topping, hope you enjoy making these fluffy cakes.

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DIY Footwrap using Cling Film + Kitchen Ingredients

Have you ever imagined the beauty uses of a cling film? How about using a sheet of cling film as foot wrap to boost circulation in your foot and to treat fatigue after a long day at work? It's time to try foot wraps to feel relaxed and yes you cal also treat all the scaling of the skin with this super simple, organic foot treatment. 

Soak your feet in some lukewarm water. While your feet soak, create a mixture for your foot massage. Take about 2 table spoon olive oil and add sugar + coffee powder to it. Lastly, add vinegar to the mixture. Sugar will remove dead skin cells and coffee powder will help in boosting circulation. 

Vinegar is used to combat odor. These foot-wraps are super useful and can make your feet look pretty at any time of the day. Watch full video on my YouTube channel or click on the video below:

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How To Wear Black This Summers Feat. GAP

As much as I like wearing brighter tones and floral in summers, Black is my 'it' colour. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that BLACK is not a summer shade! There I said it. The right trick to wearing black in the summer lies in the kind of fabrics you choose to wear. Here I am with my third installment of GAPXGUILTYBYTES series, unlocking some trend tips on the darkest shade for you all…

Black is an extremely versatile colour and that’s why it offers limitless options. A black dress can look classic with heels, boho with sandals, and sporty chic with strappy shoes and edgy with boots. Teaming up embellished jackets, statement accessories makes it a go to piece. Here are quick five tips that can help you don the perfect look in black this summer’s-

- Stay away from polyesters and stains and always opt for more natural materials like cotton and linens.
- Sport a comfy-chic look by accessorizing your black outfit right. Opt for flats and statement jackets with dresses or shirts.
- Wearing black during summers is all about balance. Wear natural looking makeup or simply play with bright pop of lip colors with your black dress. 
- Leather shorts look absolutely sexy during summers but make sure you paint it up with a tank top to do all the talking for you. It’s about harmonizing fabrics each time
- Try to do an all-black separates with bolder accessories. Chunky earrings, statement shrugs, cocktail rings and more.

Feel confident, sport black this summer. You too can get yourself a flowy maxi from GAP India stores. 

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I had wanted to write a post on fitness but the only thing that stopped me from actually doing it, was me. I had wanted to see significant changes but then here I am, after 3 months of regularly (almost) exercising and eating right (a little), making this post go live! 

Since most of you know that I have a full time day job which functions in a typical 9-9 format, I have struggled to maintain my weight, keep fit and combat fatigue and laziness. I know the struggle working girls face hence I won’t make this post sound like it’s easy and that you need to get up and just do it maybe because it takes a lot more than that. I have been lucky to meet colleagues at work who are fitness conscious. When you have people around you who talk a lot about gym, fitness routines, waking up early, then one can actually get inspired. At least that’s what happened in my case. I have had phases of losing weight and being 55 kilos (that’s my personal best) but now I am going to turn 24, my energy levels are affected with the kind of lifestyle I lead and yes my super busy job drains me mentally that sometimes makes me feel like a 30 year old. But having said that, fitness is about challenging your own limits and hey, by challenging I nowhere mean that you need to overdo things,  or starve or opt for unhealthy options because let’s just face it, these techniques don’t even last for more than a week. 


So coming back to my fitness journey, I started out by enrolling myself in Zumba classes after work. My classes happened 3 times in a week and started around 7 ish till 8, 8:30 pm. I have to admit that the Zumba classes laid a foundation to my fitness journey and they were a lot fun! So here’s a little tip for anyone who wants to start out, if you can’t gym or don’t like the idea of running and regular forms of exercise then enroll yourself in fun classes like zumba, pilates, bhangra, bollywood dancing or more. If you can’t find any of these close to your place of stay but if you have a good internet connection then you can do Zumba at home by following Suchita Pal’s YouTube channel here. It works because I have done zumba at home referring to this. I spent one month of doing Zumba and I tried my best not to skip a single class even if that meant walking in late and doing something at least. 


So while I was doing zumba, I watched my eating habits. This included me cutting down on chai and coffee breaks at work and from consuming 3-4 cups of machine coffee/chai, I came down to one. This also meant that I integrated more liquids and water in my routine.  Even till date I consume about 3-4 bottles of water at work which is close to 4 liters. My Zumba class ended at around 8:30 pm and I would have to drive myself every day. My body would be sore and drained but I kept pushing myself and would reach home to consume dinner that consisted of one Roti, vegetables, dal and curd. At times, I would trade my dinner with milk and cornflakes and fruits. Honestly, I didn’t drop any significant weight; it was only in my second month when I saw some changes happen. I could see my collar bones looking more stark and that was some motivation in the initial days. 

I joined aerobics classes in the morning that requires me to wake up at 6:30 am every day. Now that you know I had enrolled myself in Zumba classes, aerobics was an add on every morning and a rigorous attempt to lose weight quickly. I did two classes everyday (with zumba being 3 times a week) and would drive to work all tired and worn out. I continued doing this for a month but then I realized that it was draining me too much and because my mind and body were tired always, I didn’t even see great results in my body. I had to make a decision and that’s when I decided to quit Zumba classes (it would get very late after work) :( :(


In my third and current month, I am continuing with my morning classes (which I tend to skip 1-2 times in a week) and I am not indulging in too much junk, I eat at Subway ALOT. I am watching what I am eating and I can happily share that I have lost 4 kilos ever since I started out. The progress is slow but I am getting there...


This is my fitness update, more from a workout perspective. Do share your comments in case you have any queries or if you would like me to do a detailed post on my everyday diet and cheat meal plans :)

Black Maxi by GAP INDIA
White Shrug by StalkbuyLove
Neck piece by Forever21

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5 Times Birthday Girl Sonam Kapoor Gave Us Best Dressed Goals

Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to the most well dressed B-town celeb, Sonam Kapoor. Today's blog post is dedicated to Sonam's wardrobe and her style team for making her look fabulously stylish always. We have rounded up her most beautiful red carpet outfits that will leave you drooling for more.

1. THIS Cannes 2015 gives us relationship goals telling us to dress like you are going to run into your ex today!

2. The tea party outfit inspires us that we need not be everyone's cup of tea and that's the great part; we don't have to be! 

3. This dress tells us that you are never fully dressed without a smile!!

4. Sonam Kapoor gives us another reason to wear a five times longer mini skirt a.k.a the saree. 

5. The champagne dress proves as to why Cinderella never asked for a prince but instead asked for a night off and a DRESS.

We love how Sonam Kapoor continues to rule the fashion scene. Her effortless style, love for experimentation with every single outfit can never be up for debate. She tell us that as long you are having fun with fashion, you are doing it right! #TeamGuiltybytes wishes the very stylish girl a very happy birthday.

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The Mexifornia Menu at California Pizza Kitchen

Summers are brightest where food is best! The Mexifornia Menu at California Pizza Kitchen assures to delight one and all this month. @Teamguiltybytes had a lot of fun indulging in zesty Mexican cuisines featuring exclusive range of appetizers, pizza, pasta, specialty, dessert & drinks.

The highlights of the Mexican menu include Sonora Pizza, a thin crust pizza with a smoky, roasted tomato salsa, roasted corn and black bean salsa garnished with creamy avocado, a snappy jalapeno sauce and a drizzle of cilantro. For the non vegans there is The Chicken Asada Pizza- a titillating serving of a robust traditional pizza with a sharp New Mexico chilli sauce with cheddar and fontina- a delicious semi-soft cheese-and shimmering, roasted peppers. The menu also features mouthwatering Chimichanga- a crispy fried wrap filled with California rice, cotija cheese, masses of shredded lettuce, sour cream and a zesty tomato salsa. We have personally loved CPK salads and the Crispy Tortilla Salad is no less of a stunner! The crisp tortilla tossed with shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, in tangy ranchito is a perfect summer bite. 

The desserts are stellar! You can’t miss digging into the Mexican Caramel Banana Flan served on a bed of vanilla sponge with great lashings of Banana Cream and Caramel sauce. If you love chocolate then the Trio of Chocolate Mousse may just be the right bet for you. It’s a lavish chocolate mousse flavoured with three layers of Mexican white, milk and dark chocolate along with a hint of coffee. Oh an yes, the chocolate cup it is served in is edible too ;)  

Do try the carnival of flavours from 21st May to 21st June at California Pizza Kitchen, Gurgaon.

What: Mexifornia at California Pizza Kitchen
When: 21st May till 21st June, 2015
Where: 11, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
How much: Rs. 305++ onward

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LAUNCH: Clinique Lip Pop + Primer range by Masaba Gupta

@Teamguiltybytes was at the special launch of new Clinique pop lip colour + primer starring none other than ace designer, Masaba Gupta. This is one exciting collaboration by the cosmetic giant where in Masaba has created a limited edition make-up bag inspired by her candy themed Lakme Fashion week (LFW) SS'15 Collection. 

Masaba Gupta Makeup Bag
16 Different Shades of Lip Pop
The Lovely Masaba Gupta!
Divya, @teamguiltybytes and sugar rush
An illustration for @teamguiltybytes, Divya and a beautiful click with Masaba
Sugar Rush!

Clinique's Pop Lip color + Primer includes a modern colour palette of 16 different shades to bring a pop of colour that lasts all day long. Masaba for Clinique make up bag will be offered as a complimentary gift with purchase of Rs. 5000 for a medium sized pouch and Rs.7000 for a large pouch. Priced at Rs.1600/- new Clinique Pop lip colour + Primer and the Masaba for Clinique make up bag will be available from June 2015 at Clinique stores and counters across India.

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LE CREUSET, the leading cookware brand famous for its cast-iron product, hosted a live Chef’s session with Chef Nishant from Dusit Devarana showcasing the best of new world cuisine in the all new collection from Le Creuset at their Ambience Mall Store, Gurgaon.

Chef Nishant prepared Indian inspired world cuisine consisting of some of his personal favorites such as “Crispy Asupara maki roll with black kuru, “Chicken yaki with fresh shitake”, “Wasabi mushroom with mint compressed melon”, “Seaweed risotto with summer vegetable and sesame oil”. These tantalizing and scrumptious dishes were cooked live at the unique state of the art kitchen inside the Le Creuset store, prepared and served in Le Creuset products. 

Established in 1925, Le Creuset is known as the iconic French cookware brand, and stands out in its design, vibrant and distinct colors as well as versatility, meant for preparing, cooking and serving, in style. 

p.s. I can't wait own my Le Creuset sometime soon.

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