Shahrukh Khan Proves His Abs are REAL!

Shah Rukh Khan surprised everyone by showing off his newly attained 8 pack abs for Happy new Year. While many B-town celebs and non-SRK fans cried foul and speculated that his images were photo shopped, he proved everyone wrong by showing it off at Google HQ.

King Khan visited the Google Headquarters in California amidst the Happy New Year tour in America. The entire team spoke about the film and Khan other than his abs, spoke about his success secrets and personal achievements. On being asked about his abs specifically, King Khan lifted his shirt and gave a first hand view to all his fans proving they are REAL and NOT fake!

Well, what can I say, I wish I can look half as good at his age. SRK fan all the way.
Deepika, Varun finalised for The Fault In Our Stars remake?

Deepika Padukone and Varun Dhawan have been reportedly confirmed for the Indian remake of Hollywood film 'The Fault In Our Stars'. This breaks my heart as I wanted a more young looking actor with Varun, Alia Bhatt maybe? 

Remember the story I did featuring my wishlist couple for TFIOS? Anyhow, the industry is abuzz with names of  Deepika and Varun as the lead pair of the Hollywood blockbuster based on a novel of the same name by John Green. Since there is no official conformation, I am still hoping that either Alia or Shraddha get the big ticket! I already love Varun for this role, but still not sure of Deepika with him. 

What do you guys think, who will make it in place of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort for this 
Hollywood Blockbuster? 


Since most of you already know that I participated in Elle Blogger of The Year Award and that a major part of winning depends on public voting, I am happy to say that I have already won (even though the official results are not out) because of all the love that I got from you guys. Be it round 1, 2 or 3 I have been leading all the way (in votes/tweets/shares) and I am extremely overwhelmed and humbled.

So challenge 3 was all about re-creating Elle magazine cover. I chose Freida Pinto for her gorgeous tanned look and because I loved her makeup completely. Here's the breakdown of my look for you guys-

For eyes, I did brown smoked out makeup with a dark brown gradient on the upper lids and crease area. I also used kohl on my waterline which I ended up smudging through a makeup brush. Freida's lashes are gorgeous, so I curled them up and used a mascara to add that much needed dramatic look.

For face I used a darker base to get the tan and contoured my cheeks to get the kind of highlight Freida achieved. I also highlighted forehead, chin and nose to create sharp features and I think i did a pretty decent job. I used MAC products for base and covered it up with a MAC Compaq powder. Of-course blending was the key to success in my case. My favorite part was the lipstick in bright pink shade :) I even used the same nail shade as her. 

Hair was a big challenge. Freida had these beautiful defined sections of hair in the crown area that were set well. Each section looked separated and twisted and yet was in sync with the overall hairdo. She finished it off with a high ponytail. To achieve this look I sprayed all of my hair to add lots of volume to it. I then separated few section son my crown are and twisted them to get the same look as Freida and secured them with bobby pins right at the middle of my hair. I created 4 such sections/twists and secured them all. Then I tied all of my hair in a high ponytail and took out some strands right behind my ear to achieve that boho look that Ferida sported. 

For my outfit, I wore a similar colour for my blouse as Freida but due to camera setting, it didn't come out same. Nevertheless I added bling chunky jewelry and tried to stick to spikes and pearls as Freida.

I hope you guys liked this ensemble (I somewhat know with the no. of votes I have got) but still, the results aren't out yet and you can still vote for me on this link- VOTE. Thank you to my sister whose been constantly hounding people to vote for me, my readers for voting for me on single request and my friends who have gone all out to campaign for me. I love you all to the moon.
My Budget Beauty Haul Under Rs. 5000 (MAKEUP + SKINCARE)

As much as I love doing makeup, I indulge in a lot of skincare essentials too. With a budget of 5000 Rupees I have created a beauty kit that can be used every day with variations. There are a lot of looks that can be created with few right products and that’s what the haul is all about... 


For face, I have selected products that aid swift transformation from day to night. For regular wear I have opted for Colorbar cover up cream with an SPF of 15. This is a light cover up cream that can be worn daily to hide blemishes, marks and even out the skintone and with SPF 15 it will protect skin against sun. It adds a warmer tone to the skin for night time, or a party and acts as a perfect base for the makeup. For office and regular day wear, I have added colorbar Compaq that effortlessly spreads well on the face and skin. It acts like a quick beauty fix for a sudden meeting or last minute party plans. Lastly, I added a L’Oreal Lucent Magique blusher that comprises of three unique shades that will give perfect balance and highlight to the skin for both day and night wear. Daytime typically call for lighter makeup, so the muted colous will be used for the same and for a more dramatic effect, I will highlight my cheeks with the darker shade of my L’Oreal blush on.


Nothing goes well on the eyes than nicely pigmented Kohl. I purchased my all-time favourite Maybelline Colossal Kajal that glides smoothly on waterline and can be worn daily. I will also be using it as a liner to create bold lines on the eyes for a more glamorous look. For eye makeup, I purchased Diamond Glow Quad. Copper Brown eye shadow palette from Maybelline. When I have to create a more relaxed look, I will be using the cooler undertones in beige to highlight my eyes and for parties; I will create a statement with brown Smokey eye makeup that compliments all outfits and colours. 


For glitzy evenings and blogger events, I have chosen the berry red lipshade from Revlon. It’s rich & bold colour turns any simple looking outfit into a head-turning fashion statement. Also, I have taken a nude lip gloss, again from Revlon which is my go to accessory which perfectly embraces the multi-faceted qualities of a modern woman! It looks stunning with any chic outfit; it can be used to gloss any matte lip shade or can directly be applied to office, meetings and brunch dates.


Looking good is not just about your clothes, or makeup, it comes from within. My skin care essentials and regime gives me the confidence that makes any outfit look good on me. Makeup removing oil is an indispensable product that every girl must own. I purchased the Bio Almond Oil soothing Face Eye make-up cleanser for women from Biotique. Rich in almond oil extracts, this cleanser will clean the pores off makeup and removes excess oil too. Once makeup is off, I will use my Kaya Skin Clinic purifying cleanser to get a healthier, brighter and clearer skin. What I really love about this cleanser is that it not only removes excess oils, dirt and impurities but also regulates sebum formation and acne breakouts with its active ingredient, Salicylic Acid to combat breakouts. It’s an absolute value for money. After I am done with cleansing, I like to let my skin breathe and that’s why I have opted for Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water Facial Mist. It can replace a heavy moisturizer as it contains nourishing floral and herbal extracts which not only hydrates skin but it also regulates its pH balance it’s quick and easy to apply and smells absolutely fresh. Last but not the least is my Jojoba facial scrub from Nutri Glow.  Since I use makeup on a regular basis, I scrub my face twice a week to maintain it and to remove black heads. This facial scrub from nutri glow has Jojoba oil, that keeps the skin hydrated all day long. Featuring granules, this scrub helps remove blemishes and superficial pigmentation. 

Hope this haul helps you guys in creating a beauty + skincare makeup kit. I also hope that you guys have checked quick tips on how to fix last minute beauty blunders.

You can shop for all products on JABONG.COM. Also, this haul happens to be my official entry for Elle Blogger Award 2014 round II. I have had so much support from you guys, now I hope I make it to victory! 


How often have eyes been rolled at men and their gadget love! While some just can't understand the passion for these Boy Toys, Xperia T3 joins right in to rekindle the gadget romance that brings all new thrills in every man's life.

Xperia T3  can be defined by its novelty – it is an absolute indulgence. Playing with high-tech toys is something that never changes. The new age men love gadgets because they don’t just make lives easier—they make impossible achievements commonplace. It’s not just about convenience factor anymore; it’s also about having the ‘coolness’ that comes with a  cutting edge design. Xperia T3 is sleek, minimalist and addictive. 

The sleekness of this phone makes it easy to both carry and flaunt. There is a huge difference between fashion and style and the ways they can be incorporated into the real world vary significantly. Just like one’s everyday clothing, the success in being stylish lies in the simplicity and elegance of one’s accessories. The stainless steel body in exquisite white colour seamlessly epitomizes the multi-faceted qualities of a contemporary man!

Crisp white shirts work perfectly by themselves with a pair of jeans and boots or can be dressed up with an unstructured blazer and chino for a more casual look. Staple tees in white, grey and navy offer the most versatility. Furthermore, when looking to integrate accessories into your outfits, stick to the rule of three: i.e. no more than. Sure, play with combinations of pieces, but any more than three accessories and things start to get a little cluttered and messy.

When you’re into technology, it’s tough not to keep up with the latest trends. The sleek new phone is an accessory, an army candy that compliments your machoism. The current crop of stylish gadgets mean that there really is no excuse for a substandard mobile phone and with the help of the trend setter like the Xperia T3 – the future looks even more tasteful and sophisticated.

You can also check this phone out on Facebook and Twitter.

After Split, Armaan and Tanisha To Get Hitched?

Thanks to micro-blogging site Twitter and Mika Singh, everyone now knows that doormat and wrestler are soon going to tie knot! It did come as a surprise to me, even though I know that they have been going strong..but TANISHA who comes from Mukerji family would actually settle down with aggressive Kohli saab has been some news to digest. Nevertheless, they sustained their love and that's what matters at the end. In this post we will share some made for each other moments of the couple!

Now that you have already seen how cutee(www) they look together, I guess it's time to let them be happy and have their moment together! At the Mid Day Jagran event, Tanisha and Armaan were spotted posing together, putting the break up rumours to rest. Interestingly, singer Mika Singh, who is good friends with the couple tweeted an important announcement which looked like this-

Hope you guys enjoyed my article. If yes, then tweet your comments to me on @guiltybytes 
Confidence Comes In All Sizes Feat. NIKE

Do you often feel uncomfortable in your sports attire? Are the gym boys looking at you while you try to sweat it out on a treadmill? Are you always trying to fiddle with your bra straps in that sweaty tee? If you just answered yes to all these question, I now know that you are skipping your gym class daily! More so than any other part of the workout wardrobe, sports bras make it clear no two women are the same. Different physiques and different needs across a wide range of activities require a heightened focus on narrowly tailored personalization.

Most women across the globe have become conscious about the kind of bra they should wear but when it comes to inner wear for sports and physical activities, the right size and fit is often overlooked. Staying true to Nike’s mission to bring innovation to every athlete, the new Nike Pro Bra Collection is designed for the body in motion to provide the right fit and right support for every female athlete. 

Sports bras are not generally the most aesthetically pleasing garments, but Nike’s new Pro Bra collection challenges that with designs that are comfortable and high-performing, and flattering. The Nike Pro Bra Collection features 3 bras designed for each athlete’s desired level of support. The centerpiece of the collection is the Nike Pro Rival Bra, which delivers the highest level of support and is offered in various sizes to help the female athlete find the right fit. 

Nike gives you top 4 reasons stop making excuses; Total Support For Minimal Distraction, Stay Dry, Smooth Feel and Supportive Silhouette.

The collection also features the new Nike Pro Fierce Bra, as well as the updated Nike Pro Classic. I’m particularly taken with this bold rival bra Bra—it’s so comfortable and chic, I wish I didn't have to wear anything over it!

Hope you girls like this post! Would love to know your thoughts on this new bra collection by Nike.

Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt May Become The Next 'It Couple'

Bollywood will soon see the Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt romancing each other in Vikas Bahl’s directorial venture Shandaar. The 2 states actress recently shared a location photo on twitter that made the whole world including Miss Guilty go ga-ga over it. Just look how cute these two cuties look together? :p

So Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor share a very interesting background, the two have a lot of chances of being linked due to their flourished backgrounds. While Shahid has always been linked with his co starts starting Kareena Kapoor (who he was in a relationship with) along with other elading b-town beauties. As I may recall, I can count Sasha being linked with Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and even Nargis Fakhri. And our little Alia has already made series of news with Varun, Arjun and more. 

But this doesn't end here. Rumour has it that Sasha has been catching fancy for his Haider co-star Shraddha Kapoor as well. This means we should be prepped up to see sasha and alia posting cute looking photographs to promote their film soon and that they may be a potential couple soon. 

Guess both globally linked stars may just find solace in ecah other, who knows?! 
p.s. we love that photo of them together.

With an attempt to personalize my blog a bit more, today I am going to share my beloved eye shadow palettes on the blog. I will admit, eye makeup came to me years after I started my trail of makeup, I always thought it was something I couldn't pull off ever. With the want to try, I ended up Youtubing videos and here I am, with my varied pallets, mostly in warmer tones. Read on to find out tips o how to choose a palette for yourself...

You must have noticed most of the palettes are in warmer tones that's also because I use makeup to enhance my skin tone and not to cover it up. I have a warm skin-shade which goes well with browns and darker tones. So when you are looking for a eye shadow palette here are quick tips you must remember-

Go for a Varied Range: The best things about eye shadow palettes is that they come in large combination of colours and shades, go in for a palette that mix of colours and textures that tie with one another- a light and dark shade, neutral and a shimmer shade are a must have!

Back to Basics: Women look really graceful in eye-shadows that are either nude or smoky. With nude you can own a range of brown, taupe, beige and champagne colours and with smoky palette you can have black, grey or a shimmery highlighter. You can also own palettes that make your eyes stand out- something with turquoise, purples, greens, teal, copper or golds. 

Layering Shadows: This is my answer to perfect eye makeup. Wear bold shade on lids and blend it out to neutral color or use a light matte shade and blend it with a dark shade on crease area. You can also use your shadows as liners. 

Tone It Well: Go for palettes that have intense shade, mix it with neutrals but not whites which will look chalky. Just blend well and you can master this art completely.  

My eye shadow palettes are from Maybelline, Lakme, Palladio, Inglot and Backstage Kit. I use a mix of matte and pigmented colors with creamy textures. I also have shimmery colours, mostly in warmer tones for a day to night swift transformation. I am yet to own the much talked about Naked eye-shadow palette, but soon I will get my hands on it too :) 

For eye makeup tutorials you can follow my Youtube video here- Guiltybytes

How To Treat Common Makeup Blunders on The Go

With so much of humidity, the sun and wind, it's no surprise that our makeup doesn't last long. Even though I buy a lot of good quality makeup online, major touch ups are needed every now and then. Touch ups can be challenging when we are on the go, here are some quick tips that help you fix makeup blunders. 

For foundation slip off, always keep a primer. It acts as a full proof base to keep the foundation in place. Don't skip using primer before the foundation and after the application of the two, use a Compaq powder to set the base, or a makeup setting spray! 

To avoid chipped nails always apply a base and top coat. Soak your mails in ice cold water after they have dried enough to prevent chipping if you are giving yourself a manicure. 

To fix up a smudged liner first apply eye primer. ALso opt for gel or liquid liner as they work better than the pencil ones. If your liner has smughed too much, then just keep a eyeshadow brush handy. Rub the eye-shadow brush to soften the lines till your crease area and create a soft smokey eye look.

Stained lips can be a big turnoff hence would recommend that you use a light layer of foundation on your lips first. If you ahve time on you, then use a liner to line the perimeter of your lips to avoid feathering of your lips. Use the liner to fill in rest of the lips and finally coat your favorite shade of lipstick.

Hope you guys find this article useful, in-case you have any quick tips, do mention it in the comment section below! 

Also you can check out Cuponation for some great online deals. :)