8 Things To Know About Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan well known Pakistani actress is making waves in India thanks to her casting opposite Sharukh Khan for his upcoming movie Raees. She has already stolen the hearts of millions because of her daily soap Humsafar which came on Zee Zindagi. Her modest outlook and the girl-next-door personality has made her popular with her audiences both in India and Pakistan.

Here are a few less known facts about the Pakistani beauty:

#1 Mahira Khan is married! Yes this beauty is love married to Ali Askari in 2007. She met Ali at Indus Studios during her vacations and they fell in love. They have a son named Azlaan.

#2 Mahira’s first job was that of a cashier at  drug store named Rite Aid in Los Angeles. She used to clean the floor, the toilets and was also in charge of shutting the store at night!

#3 Mahira started out as VJ at the age of 16 when she hosted the live show Most Wanted on MTV Pakistan. She also went on to host Weekends with Mahira on Aag TV.


#4 Mahira Khan was crowned the Most Beautiful Woman in Pakistan in 2012. She has also been  honored with several awards and has been the face of several magazine covers  and endorsements.

#5 Mahira is a big Fan of Madhuri Dixit.Mahira,who grew up watching Bollywood movies decided to become an actress after watching Madhuri Dixit on screen.

#6 Mahira made her film debut in Shoaib Mansoor’s film BOL ,which released in 2011. The movie one of the highest grossing films in Pakistan and featured actor-singer Atif Aslam. It was also released in India.

#7 Mahira is said to have rejected few Bollywood offers before saying yes to Raees. She has the reputation of being extra choosy and doing only one project a year. But she makes sure that she excels in what she chooses.

#8 Many people had expected  to see the likes of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone as SRK’s leading lady on screen, but for SRK’s upcoming movie Raees the makers wanted a fresh international face that would blend in the setting of  Muslim ghetto in Gujarat in the 1980’s .

Hope you guys enjoyed the article. Would love to know how excited are you guys to see a new face with SRK?

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ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review, Price & Photos

What happens when two award winners come together? Well, the thing that happens is called as magic. Za perfect solution moisturizer is that magic portion which your skin had been longing for all this while. I think I am a Za loyalist already but I have to admit that each product has done great benefits to my skin and I am more than happy to discover this brand in 2014. 

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review India

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review

Back to the review, if you have always complained of oily skin especially during winters and have struggled to find a perfect moisturizer for your skin, then Za perfect solution moisturizer could just be your calling. The texture of lotion is extremely easy to work with and sinks in very well. It feels like a light gel that gets absorbed but it takes a little while for the same. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and takes care of the dry areas around my nose and lips during winters. It re-hydrates the skin to prevent fine lines and roughness caused by dryness. I also use it as a perfect base for my makeup and strongly recommend that you should try it for your makeup as well. The moisturizing gel doesn't feel greasy and is a lot different from regular moisturizers that you generally apply. It has a light smell that isn't overwhelming at any rate. Even thou it claims to firm your skin as it has anti aging formula, I think the Za collagen cream does a great job with that on my skin. One of the things I would really purchase this bottle is for it's deep moisturizing formula. This season, I have replaced my daily BB creams with Za perfect solution and let me tell you, my bare face looks really nourished. 

Size : 125 ml
Price: Rs 1,099
Final Rating: 4.5/5

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Latitude 66 Now Open at Hyatt Regency Delhi

If you are looking for a relaxed yet romantic dining experience in your capital city, then it's time for you to head out to Latitude 66 at Hyatt Regency! I am sure that you have witnessed pop up shops in the past, but now it's time to dine at a pop up restaurant. 

Hyatt Regency Delhi welcomes one and all to experience its brand new Pop-up restaurant Latitude 66. Chef Manoj and his team is all set to offer a unique dining experience, serving innovative Indian cuisine and a selection of beverages in the midst of a casual yet elegant set up by the poolside. #Teamguiltybytes absolutely loved the menu tasting. The poolside restaurant offers scrumptious dishes like Lamb chop, Sea bass tikka, Chicken chaat, prawns and more. The vegetarian spread offers some mouth watering cuisines like Nadru ke kebab, Paneer Tukda, Gongura aaloo. Nicely priced, the restaurant is open from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM and you can even do a prior reservation! If you are a true foodie or if you are someone whose is constantly looking for new options for a date night, then you have got to visit Latitude 66. 

- Akriti for @TeamGuiltybytes


Statement clutches are one of the best accessories a girl can sport. With New year party season around the corner, I am summing up a round up of clutch trends that you can take inspiration from. I have golden accents, studded beauty, box clutch, transparent clutch purse in my video. Watch it and tell me which one was your favorite pick?

Is it just me or my nails are actually looking super cool in this video?! :p Take a look for your self and let me know...

Which one was your favorite trend, take a pick? Also, if you like my video, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)

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Aishwarya Rai Honoured at Miss World 2014, Becomes Most Successful Beauty Queen

Aishwarya took to stage dazzling (literally) in a silver Roberto Cavalli gown at the Miss World 2014. She carried BOLD red lips like no body else.  The beauty was felicitated by the Miss World Organisation at the 64th edition of the international beauty pageant for her commitment to "beauty with a purpose" since winning the crown two decades ago. 

Aishwarya is also seen as the most successful Miss World so far, a title that she won in 1994. "I stand here overwhelmed by this honour. I thank Miss World Organization for such an incredible honour that I have received..." she said in her acceptance speech. The 41 year old beauty looked so much fitter and so much better than many contestants out there. She not only made her mother, husband or daughter proud (who accompanied her) but got INDIA to the center-stage all over again.  

Remember the story I did on her lipstick trends, well she rightfully deserved to be written! Just look at that look, that perfect hair, that makeup and those bold lips, ABSOLUTEELLLYY GLAM! India's Koyal Rana made it to the top 10 and also won the title of Beauty with a purpose. 

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Very rarely you come across a salon that isn't trying too hard to market their products and yet deliver the best service possible! In a busy market of Greater Kailash, New Delhi I wonder how I missed visiting this salon that has floored me so much that I have actually visited it twice already post my review! On the blog today, I have detailed review of Korum Salon located in GK part I.

My review started with a facial that was called the Dermalogica Facial. This was my first time with Dermalogica products and I have to admit that the service provided by this salon's Dermalogica facial expert- Natasha Peter was indeed commendable.

In a hectic lifestyle, I have suffered open pores, tanning and sensitive spots but Natasha was very positive about my skin and insisted on doing a power active treatment to repair my skin. The facial lasted for about 30-40 mins and it included exfoliation, pre cleanse, clearing gel, pack, steam towel and moisturizing. The dermalogica products are simple, clean and clinical. These products melt very nicely onto the skin and are free from artificial fragrance or colors. The way my skin feels as a result is as though it's better looked after. Although I don't feel my skin breakouts would be 'cured' – it would be better managed and less noticeable. Definitely recommended.

PRICE: INR 3,500

After skin repair, I indulged in a manicure and pedicure session featuring Kiana products.

So Korum offers three kinds of mani-pedi sessions of which Kiana is the topmost service. The therapist are very good at their job and will leave you feeling rejuvenated! Oh and my favorite part was selecting a nail paint from the O.P.I nail shades, yes they house O.P.I.

PRICE: INR 1,800 (Both Mani + Pedi)

For my hair, I was supposed to take a L’oreal Mythic oil hair spa which was changed to a ritual spa because the the salon specialist told me that my hair quality was very good but the roots or rather cuticle needed special attention in order to avoid hair-fall.

So instead of doing any treatment that involved too much of intense oiling or anything, we opted for the ritual spa. The spa was followed by hair cut and styling. 

PRICE: INR 2,500

I am sure most of you know how much I love my long tresses so as usual I didn't allow the stylist to cut my hair but after months of not doing much...I got fringes cut! I love how my new hair looks like, here's a little sneak peek.

PRICE: INR 1,000

I am fairly very impressed with the services at Korum salon and If you are living in Delhi then you have to visit this place for some pampering. It's located in the heart of GK 'M' block market, right above the CCD. They also offer services like bridal packages, body polishing, party and bridal makeup and nail art.  

Miss Guilty's Experience: 4/5

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How much I love taking up new challenges, but before that I have got to apologize to you guys for not updating blog as usual. I had been very busy with exams, yeah I am pursuing my second masters degree so that I can call myself OVERQUALIFIED someday :p. Back to the challenge, I created a BRIDAL look at home. It's a super cool makeup tutorial, that you will love creating and yes you will get to meet my mama bear in the video too! 

So I wore my sisters wedding lehenga (yup) and I did a makeup tutorial that you wuld love to try, at-least the eyes. Go ahead watch the video and get some tips for your big dayyyy and yes say hi to mommy bear! 

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{PHOTO BLOG} A Moroccan Afternoon with Livon

Very rarely you come across events that can sweep you off your feet, one such event was organised by Livon on a not so cold winter afternoon at Delhi. Livon launched it's all new product called as Moroccan Silk Serum with precious Morocco’s Argan Oil detangles your hair and prevents its breakage so that you experience the beauty of smooth, silky and free flowing hair. So while I am going to review the prodct later on the blog, today I am sharing photos from the event that you just can't afford to miss...

The Extravagant Invite
Moroccan Setup and decor 
All smiles with Surbhi and Pallavi, The yellow shell like structure is the argan seed!
A super cool, open salon
My first ever hair wash in an open salon
Mirror selfie at the blow dry station
Framed at the Livon photo booth!
Happily posing with the argan tree! It was adorable. 
Komal, Pupul and I posing with our agran seeds!
This is what our seed opened into- The LIVON MOROCCAN SILK SERUM
IN PROGRESS: The hair therapy with the serum 
And all the bloggers were asked to leave their messages on the argan tree about their day! Absolutely loved the concept. 
It was a beautiful setup with pink and gold being the colours of the day. The decor as you must have noticed in the photos was absolutely breathtaking. Livon has taken a bold step by bringing Morocco's Argan oil to India but this kind of launch was indeed impressive. From an open salon to Argan message tree, the event had it all. And of-course it was great catching up with some of the best fashion and beauty bloggers in the city.  We also had a DIY hair session with a celebratory hair stylist who help us tackle our frizzy hair with Livon followed by a cute Moroccan hair tutorial. It was an evening to remember and yes Livon and it's communications agency has set a benchmark for all the other brands when it comes to blogger engagement activations! 

Hope you enjoyed my photo blog, if you have tried the new product do let me know your thoughts.

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10 times You know you are in Chandigarh when

BULLTs, University elections and Geri route define some of the elements of Chandigarh! Today on the blog I bring to you 10 times you know that you are in Chandigarh moments...without a doubt!

1. The most aggressive University elections are more important than MLA, MC elections. SOPU, PUSU bruuaaaah.

2. Even after buying a car, you have a separate budget for for bigger tyres, alloy wheels and woofer.

3. Spending upto 2 lacs on number 1 for a car's number plate is but natural

4. When guys are known by their surnames like Brar, Sidhu, Dhillon followed by Kiven aa, Kidaan paaji?!

5. 22g, 62 is only understood by you

6. Many people are 'vella' when asked what they do

7. Guys speak in loud Punjabi when a  group of girls passes by and girls start speaking in English everytime cute boys passes by.

8. A new car or a bike is first taken to GEHRI ROUTE and later to the gurudware and mandir

9. Everyone has heard the song "Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui" without a doubt

10. You are amongst the lot that is proud of being a punjabiiiiii!!!!

I LOOOOOVVVEEEEEE CHANDIGARH! Hope you guys enjoyed readong this post, if you did, then don't forget to share it :)

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Feature Image- Tumblr.com, Giphs- Bolllypop.in || tumblr.com.