Hall of Fame, Giveaway Winners

Hello everyone! I am sure everyone has been waiting, waiting and patiently waiting for the #GuiltyBytesTurns3 winners list. So here I am with who won what Giveaway. Before I spill the beans, just know that I am very thankful to each one of you for making all my giveaways super successful. For those who didn't win, please know that there are many exciting things brewing up on Guiltybytes and there is so much to look forward to :)

So while I shortlisted my favorite entries, please note that the brands I collaborated with for the anniversary giveaways helped me pick the final winners-

1. The shopping card giveaway of INR 5000 from Exclusively.in goes to Aastha Kalia.

2. The winner for essence of beauty, The Bodyshop goes to Swati A.

3. The winner for timeless moment, Armani watch goes to Monika Madhwal Datta and a special prize for another cute entry goes to Silky Chandwani.

4. The winner for style statement, designer scarf by Pawan Sachdeva are Mamta Jadhav and Prachi Aggarwal.

5. The winner for winter memory, Head & Shoulders giveaway are Bhawna Varshney and Chenar.

Well congratulations to all the winners! Please email me your details (contact number and postal address) so that we can forward you all the prizes that you have won on Devina@guiltybytes.com. As mush as I would have loved to post a comment to each and every single entry, here is my group hug and big fat Thank you.  You all gave me infinite reasons to smile while I read each and every single entry and trust me, it was so not easy! 

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alia bhatt star guild awards makeup tutorial

Mei Alia Bhatt banna chahti hoon, well at least for this makeup tutorial! I loved Alia Bhatt's Star Guild Awards 2015 look. In case you can't recall, the image below may just help you guys :) 

So while Alia received a lot of appreciation for her royal blue Prabal Gurung gown and the sleek middle parted hair, for me her makeup for a winner! The nude and oh-so-perfect makeup transformed the cutesy girl-next-door to a uber glam diva. It's a look that can be worn to any brunch, a day time event or simply when you want to tone down a sequin dress at a party! Well my YouTube video will give you a breakdown of her makeup, do take a look at it below. 

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Beauty Benefits of oatmeal || Homemade Oat scrubs

Don't like eating oatmeal like me? Well then, Hi-5. I absolutely can't eat oatmeal but because they contain so many beauty, skin and hair benefits I have found an alternate way to use oats in my beauty regime. Don't believe me? Well watch my new video on the YouTube channel :)

So basically, you can make super awesome scrubs and packs using oatmeal and take advantages of all the benefits right now. In my new video I have shared recipes of DIY cleanser, scrubs, hair pack, hydrator, face pack and more. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of oatmeal is great for Indian skin. 

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Say hello to my new project, #WedStreetStyle. I bring to you fashion inspiration from real women for real weddings. We all love dressing up and I think it's about time we inspire each other with our outfits. Use #WedStreetStyle to get featured and spread some fashion!

To make this project successful, I would need your support. Whenever you are ready for a big fat desi wedding, just use the hashtag #WedStreetStyle in your photos on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and you will get featured in this board. Since it's available on the blog, women from all across the globe can access this board and get inspired :)

Get clicking, get using the hashtag #WedStreetStyle and let's keep rolling. xx

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Scholl - Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Review

Putting your best foot forward is much easier when it’s professionally pedicured! The NEW Scholl Express Pedi gives one effortless feet within 5 minutes. Read my super quick review that will help you extend your beauty routine all the way to your toes. 

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File is an electronic foot file that removes hard skin on the foot very effectively. The device is ergonomically shaped and features 2 x AA batteries which last really long.  I have really enjoyed using Scholl Express Pedi. The foot file exfoliates the foot through a gentle and safe rotating action. It is really interesting to see how dead skin begins to chip off with single application. 

This is by far the most effective tool I have ever used to relieve unsightly, cracked feet. I've used it on dry areas of my feet such as under the big toe and on the heel and it effectively removed most of the dry skin on the surface. I would recommend that you do not use the foot file on the same area for more than 10 seconds as this can make your skin a little more sensitive. It is so much easier and quicker than using ordinary foot files. Once you are done exfoliating your skin, you can wash your feet and apply the skin repairing cream. The foot and nail cream has a thick consistency and hydrates dry, hard skin. It also conditions toe nails and protects your feet from cracking. I end my at-home-quick-pedi routine by slipping into a pair of socks! 

I would recommend this product to everyone and will definitely keep using Scholl Express Pedi in the future! My final rating for this product will be 4/5 stars because of the price. It's available for INR 2,850 and apart from that everything else is top quality!!!

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A Tête à tête With Designer Pawan Sachdeva + Giveaway

Great designers take things and art slowly to their stride. A handcrafted product, lovingly produced by a master has distinction, individuality and soul- all essential to a feeling of personal luxury. I realized what ace craftsmanship really meant when I met fashion designer, Mr. Pawan Sachdeva.
Pawan is designing true Indian fashion—clean shapes, luxe to its core, wearable and elegant! He strongly believes that money can afford great fashion and that is why designer wear is opted by the ones with a high buying power. His route into fashion design was unorthodox - he started out as a sports lover  but always felt at home in design studios. "When I was young, I had a tailor who would design my clothes, adapt my style only for me," he says.  

While he says men in India are experimenting with fashion, color cues generally take the front seat. he recommends colours like blue, cobalt, black, grey for a more classy look. Pawan's eye for details and unconventional designs in men accessories have emerged as a fashion industry force to be reckoned with. From artful use of colours in pocket squares to royal head gears and well tailor suits, he takes conventional dresses and makes them stand out. 

On being asked about design imaginations VS sales, he quips, "selling is as important as design. I do things for my stratification but I can't isolate masses and demands of the clients." According to him, when it comes to most stylish markets in the country, Delhi tops the list followed by Punjab!

His new collection boasts of the Renaissance period and takes hints from period of Elizabeth times, tales of Shakespeare. What really stands out in the collection is the use of Indian handlooms- cottins, cambrics, laces and silks. 

This ode to the woman who belonged to the classic era included a wardrobe of A line dresses, raised torso line, bolero jackets, kalidaar dresses, puff sleeves, curvaceous silhouettes and more. There is a lushness to his new collection that is at the same time totally wearable. 

Label Pawan Sachdeva for men is built on tailoring, for a woman's wardrobe his designs are more nuanced, however elegant. For the upcoming wedding season, he says, "men should opt for fusion wear and western cuts for a richer look. Less embellishment and more of intricate embroidery should be preferred." He adds, "women must give importance to the fabrics and experiment with colours for their big day." Unlike many designers, he is incredibly humble about what he has achieved. 

We ended our chat with some very inspiring words from Pawan, "fashion isn't about copying someone one. It's about being comfortable and when you are comfortable with your self, you possess confidence that ultimately makes you look fashionable."


Pawan has been very kind to co-host a designer giveaway on the blog as part of my #GuiltyBytesTurns3 series. Two of my beautiful readers stand a chance to win this. monochrome scarf from his label. Just tell us what is your personal style by dropping a comment below :)

The contest ends on 28. Feb. 2015

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Head & Shoulders Nourishing Winter Care Shampoo Review + Giveaway

You all know how much I loooovvvvveeeeee looking after my hair! This winters, I have been using Head and Shoulders nourishing winter care shampoo and I have left using a hair conditioner. Did I just say that, well yes, I did :) Read my take on this shampoo and yes, you too can win a cute gift box for yourself in this post.

This is a bottle that provides nourishment to your exploited hair strands! Exploited in my case because my hair and scalp has been exposed to a lot of heat treatments and the nourishing winter care shampoo has been a blessing. The anti dandruff shampoo keeps dandruff at bay and ensures that the scalp is clean. I love the fragrance and after effect of the shampoo on my hair. Even if I don't use a conditioner the hair remains soft and shiny! It controls the winter frizz and keeps the hair oil free. With a thick consistency it lathers well. The winter care variant comes with a smart seal technology and H&S microzinc formula that works on contact to nourish scalp and hair. Overall the shampoo gets a big thumbs from me for loving my hair!


Now it's the time to win a cute giftbox that has a shampoo supply from Head and Shoulders and an adorable stole! Head and Shoulders is spreading some winter cheer and we would like you to tell us your favorite winter memory. Yes, it's that simple, just tell us what is your favorite winter memory by dropping a comment below and two of you can win this super cute gift box this week. 

The contest will end on 25th Feb 2015

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Za True White Liquid Foundation Review  + Bold Makeup Tutorial

Most of you already know about the look that I was wearing on the Valentines, courtesy my makeup tutorial video here! Today, on the blog I am going to review the gorgeous bottle from Za that actually helped me achieve the perfect base for my makeup and yes, I am happy with the bottle as much as I have been happy with a MAC foundation all my life. Continue to read my full review & makeup breakdown...

QUICK REVIEW: Za True White Liquid Foundation is a beautiful bottle, priced at Rs. 950. The bottle is adorable and gives you about 30 ml of pure foundation that comes out from a nozzle. The foundation is available in 6 shades. It's colour is slightly lighter than my skin-tone but has undertones of yellow in it which actually illuminates the face with a right hint! While I still use a primer and moisturizer before applying any base colour on my face, this foundation spreads really very well on the skin. It gives you an overall dewy and clear look. The formula is pretty hydrating and it lasts for about 6+ hours straight. Packed with SPF 25+ the poreless foundation creates pearly white skin. It contains Vitamins C & E derivatives which leaves the skin feeling satiny and smooth.

FINAL VERDICT: Priced at Rs.950, the bottle gives a radiant finish and can be settled well with a Compaq to achieve a perfect look! Because of it's long staying power and illumination, I am going to buy it again :)

Oh and yes, before I sign off here is the makeup look breakdown (incase you missed) from my YouTube channel. I have used Za True White Liquid Foundation to achieve the perfect base.

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A Timeless Photo Diary + Giveaway

Every once in a while I really hope that time should pause so that I can appreciate some moments like they deserve to be appreciated! I am not saying that I forget to count my blessings, but sometimes all I want to do is to take things slowly. Will you believe me if I told you that I visited Dilli Haat for the first time in all these (seven) years living in Delhi? Yes, that happened and I enjoyed every moment of my trip! Here's my photo diary that encapsulates a timeless experience with my new watch from Emporio Armani, Fossil.

The trip to Dilli Hat was an absolute colour riot! For this outing I chose to wear my classic watch from Emporio Armani along with a printed stole to add a desi vibe. It's not just the perfect clothes and make-up that matters but the ultimate accessory too is important. For me watches score over most other categories when it comes to accessorizing an outfit, followed by bags of course :) Fossil India houses some of the best watch brands like Emporio Armani, Diesel and DKNY in the country today. You must check out their watch collection online or at their store to find a perfect time piece that will definitely add to your personality. 

Before I sign off, here's some good news. As we continue with #GuiltyBytesTurns3 blogoversary celebrations, I am happy to share that one of you could own this beautiful watch from Emporio Armani which is worth Rs. 13,000. I know it's a big one, and to win this, all you have to do is share any timeless moment of your life in the comment box below! Yep, that's it. 

The contest will end on 18th February 2015.

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Valentine's Day Hair Tutorial

It's that time of the year when we all fall in love with the idea of love! While some celebrate the much awaited valentines week, others (like me) just find reasons to eat more cake, donuts, cupcakes and chocolates. Being a blogger, I had to do something special for all you guys on the blog and here I am with a new video that will help you create a flattering and chic hairstyle that you can easily wear on a date!

Flattering half up-do with soft curls, that's what I call this hairstyle is something that you can wear with a cute dress or a sexy LBD this valentines! What I love about this hairdo is that you don't need any accessory or jewelry to this, a simple pair of studs and a nice dress will do the trick. The hairstyle will take some time (if you have long hair) as curling is an art, so spend some good amount of time and get the perfect curls! Watch my step by step hairstyle tutorial now in the video below-

I hope you guys like the video after all I should feel lao'd this Valentines too ;). Stay tuned for my Valentines series as I have a giveaway coming up in my next video. 

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