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6 Easy Make Up Steps to a Flawless look


There have been a lot of times, and let me begin by saying a lot when  i see pitch white looking womanly skin  around me during the day time. To beat the make up blues for the daylight, follow the step by step guide by Guiltybytes that looks great on every face, every day! Well the best part is, you only have to spend 8 minutes exact to get this flawless look absolutely right!

To make the satan's job easy, I bring to you tried and tested method of perfect make up tricks that helped me do a makeover of my b'ful friend who was hopeless of day wear makeup until...

Before and After...tell me she looks beautiful!


- Use a cotton bud and rose water to wipe off your face before you start doing any make up
- I recommend using Rose Water from Fabindia, it smells great and makes the skin fresh
- Wipe the area under the eye properly to clear all the excess, worn out Kajal and be very careful on the    pimple areas


- The most important and difficult part of the make up is to use right foundation/base
- Select a base that suits your skin tone, the one's with a wheatish complexion must go in for a darker shade so that the skin looks even ( I chose extra virgin minerals, liquid base foundation for my skin from The Body Shop
- Before you buy one, apply a tester on your arm, smudge it properly, if it compliments the skin colour, go for it, if not then try another shade
- Also remember to add a dash of moisturizer to the base and mix it up properly before you apply on the face. This will prevent skin cracks that usually occur due to lack of moisture during the day time
- Apply the same using a sponge or a cotton ball, this will give you an even tone


- Girls no matter how much is the haste, don't forget to use a compaq
- It's 10 seconds job, use a brush and dab it over the face. This will light up your skin giving you an even glow
- Any one with darker/wheatish complexion MUST apply a compaq. This helps in lighting the skin after a foundation has been applied
- My pick is again from The Body Shop, a tan compaq i swear by


- We all love a blush on, and here i bring to you dual dome from The Body Shop.again
- Just make a fish face and apply on to your apples, and ta-da you will have the rosy cheeks doing all the talking
- Apply the blush from bottom to the center of the apple on one side, blending the colour along your cheek bone


- What better colour than peach, Nude, rosy pink for a Sunday Brunch with friends, pick any colour that makes your lips look natural
- Use the rosy nude shade from Maybelline, looks gorgeous on the lips


- It's day and you don't need any drama in your eyes, Just pick up a Kajal and highlight the under eye
- Use an eyelash curler to extend your lashes and now my darlings you can wink as much as you want
- Pick the Colossal Kajal from Maybelline and the eye lash curler is available at any beauty store
- If you have dark circles, then use a cheat code of adding white eye shadow underneath your eyes (apply it where your kajal ends, this will highlight the eyes taking the attention away from dark circles)

*Additional Tip

Never forget to wear a smile, it's the best make up you can ever carry!

Here i am turning  the Plane Jane to Little Miss Sunshine!

So girls get these basics down, and you will never have to worry about a perfect look in a broad day light. 
Stay Stylish!

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