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~DIY Nail Paint Box~


So do you have quiet a few bottles of nail paint? and looking for the right nail shade always creates confusion? 
Now try the Do-It-Yourself Nail Shade box that i found on and I think it deserves to be shared up on guiltybytes.  Now make everything organized in few simple steps given below in the picture :)

Step 1- Get a large box, use a shoe box, they are handy and have good space

Step 2- Get some stick on's and paint each stick on with the nail shade. Once it dries, use a puncher to take out small circles of that particular nail shade

Step 3- Stick each small punched sheet of nail shade (the circular part of the stick on) on the tip of the nail paint bottle. This will help in color reference without causing much confusion in the near future

Step 4- If you want to add some zinc to the boz, cover it up with a nice sheet of gift wrapping paper and once you are done with the shoe box, place all nail shade bottles into it and ta-da you now have a  much organized DIY nail paint box! 

Till then, paint your nails happily! :) 

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  1. What a great idea! I'll have to try this DIY. Thanks for posting :)

  2. nice...need to do nail paint collection is only growing..thanks:)

  3. Good idea :-D


  4. Love it!