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Easy Breezy Chicago Style Hot Dogs


One city I have been smitten with, since long, for very obvious reasons is Chicago! Some call it city of lights while others call it dream city, I wonder what would it would be like to stand on one of the skylines in Chicago, with a heavenly view of the world and munching the much acclaimed Chicago hot dog!
Since I am a hard core foodie or should I say Punjabi, I bring to all you lovely readers another easy breezy recipe- the low calorie, Chicago inspired Hot Dogs.

Here comes the healthy recipe from Guilty Byte's secret Kitchen;

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

To start with, you need-
6 split hot dog buns,  3 table spoons melted unsalted butter, 6 chicken sausages, dilli pickles/pickles, wedge cut tomatoes, mustard sauce, relish for filling, poppy seeds, small white onion (finely chopped), peppers, celery salt to taste

To make the hot dogs-
Brush outsides of buns with butter, sprinkle poppy seeds, bake slip sides down for about 5 minutes (until warm). Warm hot dogs in boiling water for 5 minutes and then transfer to buns. Arrange dilli pickles spear on 1 side of each hot dog (if you cant find dili pickles then put in small vinegar'd pickles) and 2 tomato wedges on other side. Squirt yellow mustard over each and add a dollop of relish. Add onions and sprinkle with celery salt.

Since it's weekend tomorrow, indulge in some culinary antics and get the flavors from Chi-town rolling! :) 

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  1. Looks delicious! Very hungry now.

  2. These look yummy! Thanks for posting the recipe!


  3. Love the recipe, Will try these at home for sure! Thanks :)

  4. Looks good....
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