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Romantic Ideas to spend Valentine's day at Home...!


Married for a few months? Looking for simple ways to celebrate your valentine's day at HOME with your lover and making the most of it. Here are a few picture/illustrations and DIY ideas on how to make your day of love, the most unforgettable first Valentine's day.

P.S.- Things done with love at home hold more meaning than a 5 star gate away!

Love wall with photo frames of weddings/travels in the Bedroom

Have a love plate with his and yours handprints on it and a personalized message

Nothing can beat a romantic bubble bath with sparkling champagne

Celebrate a 'first date like' evening in open on a car/open jeep under the stars

Planning to cook a meal for two? Well have it well displayed first thing in the morning! You can also share customized menu on it and give it to him when he leaves for work!

Sofa, Sushi, Champagne and candles is another exciting way to celebrate this day. Not to forget the warm blanket for all the cuddling and cootchie cooing!  

Surprise Lighting wall is another must have for home. Surprise him at 12 by lighting up the light that outlines the picture collage of you both!

A warm Sunday brunch on a cold Feb morning can be very appeasing as well. Do the tables with stylish linen and decorate the garden are with hanging candles to add glam on the same

All set and done, go all out, do whatever it takes to show love, dress up well, wear a bright lip shade like pinks and reds and yes keep the celebrations sizzling in love! 

Picture Source- Pinterest

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  1. I like the Jeep idea, it is very cold here tough,