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5 Makeup Essentials When You Don't Have time!


Are you a girl always on the go? Do you feel that no matter what you always end up missing on to the most important makeup essentials? Do you spend only 5 minutes every morning on a beauty regime? Do you want you know that why your eyes look drab even after you apply a kajal? Well if you have just answered a YES to all the questions above, then you are reading the most important post of your life...

So we all need to know the perfect 5 products for 5 minutes makeup routine, well here is the list- 

1. Cover Stick Foundation: Cover-sticks act more like a concealer and are the only way to get rid of dark circles. And while it may just be a temporary fix, with the right technique you can hide them completely. And yes they are good to even out the skin tone in moving car when you are off for a meeting, without having to worry about getting your fingers dirty!

Try concealer from Lakme Absolute Range

2. A Dabbing Blush: The right shade will make you look like you're blushing, not like you're wearing blush. For a natural look, start with lighter shades, and skip any with shimmer. A dab blush is like a cover stick and is best for a girl with less time or no time at all. Also note, If you can see clearly where the blush begins or ends, you've used too much or the color is too dark.

Try all in one cheek tone the from The Body Shop

3. Mascara: If you feel that you eyes look dull even after kajal application, then it high time you use a mascara. To apply a mascara, press the mascara wand against your lashes, steering clear of lids. As you move the wand up toward the lash tips, gently wiggle it back and forth in a zigzag motion, which helps ensure you hit every lash.

Pick my favorite mascara from Lakme eyeconic range

4. Nude Lipstick: Some look too brown, and others too pink. Is it futile to try and find that one nude shade that just makes a bare face pop? Not at the some good brands. Get a nude shade, works well for an office look and a casual one too.  

Mac Nude shade is a must have in your beauty bag

5. Hair Serum: This one is less of the face and more of the hair. If you know you are running late and do not have time for hair ironing or blow drying, just use a hair serum. Apply two-three drops of the hair serum in your tresses carefully and let it vaporize on it's own. The hair will shine bright and will be settled well.

I use Matrix hair serum, affordable and gives amazing results

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  1. Ive tried the mascara & blush, both dint work for me :)I would suggest going for Maybelline colossal mascara :D
    Great list.
    xoxo <3

  2. These are definately essentials and always in my bag :)


  3. I have some of this, that means I don't have to worry. :)