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Bollywood: Vidya Balan Fails to Impress, Yet Again!


Bollywood actress Vidya Balan led the largest Indian Independence Day celebrations overseas on August 18, but like always, beta Vidya just failed to impress us all with her Miss Plain Jane look. It's the hair, yes the HAIR that is creating a lot of problems for me. We have been forgiving this curvy actress time and again for all the fashion bloopers but this time, when everything else seemed right, why, why did she ignore her hair? 

The hairstyle reminds me of the British Army officer Lord Dalhousie's era wherein the men in the forces would wear a wig with curled up hair attached to it for an official dinner party! Yes Vidya beta, it's about time you take your critics, the fashion ones a bit more seriously and fire the stylist who seems to be making a an error-full fashion portfolio on you for a better job prospect!

Vidya Beta wore pretty earrings without a doubt and a lehenga that was nothing wow but it did work! The hair, I feel I cant get over it for the rest of my life! Pretty bad eh?! Anyhow the diva has made us proud when it comes to films and drama, let wish for her to have a brand new creative and a much sorted stylist soon, or Miss Guilty will have to write a letter to the two times divorce-ed, Siddharth Roy Kapur to invest in a good stylist for his considerably newly wed bride! 

So dear readers, let me know your thoughts on this. Did her look work for you? Drop a comment with a Yay or a Nay!

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  1. I love vidya..but this time..its a total joke.
    N u have such a good sense of humour..i still cant stop laughing.

    New Post Up

    1. haha thanks Aditi and yes i love vidya too. I loved the fact that you read the write up! I couldn't stop laughing myself!

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