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DIY Collar Pins


The extended Eid weekend gave me an opportunity to squeeze out some creative juices in me and try a do-it-yourself project. Here I present my beautiful readers with a very simple yet a very chic fashion trend that needs no sewing, no glue sticking and no hassles.

With a pair of inexpensive decorative brass corners from a button store, I made my own western take on collar jewelry for this DIY. It's a 4 step process, all you need to do is follow the images and ta-da have a smart, ready to go loud collar!

For the DIY, all you need is a pair of tweezer, 2 brass pins cover with folding backs,  a golden ring and an extended golden chain. Separate the ring with the help of a tweezer and insert it on the golden chain. Tie the chain from both the ends into the ring so that it becomes like a necklace. Now use the tweezer to insert the chain in the brass cover as shown in the picture above and tighten it. Be careful and place the brass cover with chain intact on the shirt collar end and push it well. Bend the covers and seal the brass cover on the collar end. It should look as shown in the above image. Repeat the same for the other side of the collar and voila you have a chic and a superbly accessorized DIY Collar pins!
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  1. Beautiful and original DIY!! I'll try for sure!

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  2. Amazing and such a great idea. I am gonna make one today. So original love it.

  3. Very nice job!

  4. This is Genius Girl..definitely trying it.

    New Post up

  5. i just found your blog!! so happy!!
    where can i find 2 brass pins cover with folding backs? thankyou~~