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B For Bride, Kashmiri Bride.



As most of you all beautiful readers know that I was at Jammu because of #Guiltybytesgoestojammu project, here's is little something for you guys from what I was up to. This was my first time behind the camera, shooting weddings, or I should say the brides and It was worth every capture. I shot a Kashmiri bride and a Dogri bride, but today I am posting not all but few photos from the Kashmiri Bride's Diary. 

More Pictures From The Bride's Diary!


This is the little story of Isha Koul, now Isha Tripathi. It was a match made in hearts. A combination of Kashmiri and North Indian traditions, the wedding was a beautiful event. I loved every picture that came out in the canvas and I hope you guys liked my all new role as a wedding story teller! If yes then do let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment. And if you are a bride and need a story teller, then please feel free to reach me on my email ID.
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