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Diwali Dinner Feat.


Does your world revolve around the same question as mine- 'Aaj Khaane Mei Kya Hia?' Do you dream about tasty, yummy and mouthwatering food on a Thursday evening after work? Do you love the whole idea of quick, express meals? Well in that case, say hello to, one of the first websites started to order food online in India for home delivery and takeaway in cities namely Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

There can't be a better feeling than a hearty meal with the entire big fat family on a diwali weekend. So as I chanced upon this all new food website, I browsed it in and out before deciding on my meal for the night. If I were to pick one USP of this site, without a doubt it would be it's customer support team and the constant follow up the team does while tracing the order once you have placed it. 

Website design is very simple, (no fancy strings attached), there is a lot to look forward to once you sign up on the homepage. You will be able to see a question that clearly asks you to fill in your location and then a precised location. I was amazed to see the precise location menu as it had the most remotest of areas listed on it. (well no I don't live in one, it was just fun to see a lot many places in there).

So I admit, the website was a bit slow while I was trying to sign up on it, but then I guess, all tasty things come with great patience in life! I signed up and then began my culinary shopping journey, hell yeah! It was like shopping for food online. The number of eateries listed aren't many but the ones that are there cover all the section of cuisines- Indian, Chinese, Continental, fast Food, Express food and more. So there are a good number of eatries to choose from. One can also select their location, followed by browsing menus, choose the cuisine from the menu, add it to their cart followed by checkout. Yep, It's that simple. 

Another really cool feature is the way the menu has been presented. So you have a popular tab that boasts of the most popular dishes from a restaurant which is more like the bestsellers of a clothing brand followed by your preference of dishes. Mr. Shachin Bharadwaj, CEO & founder at TastyKhana says,"TastyKhana focuses on the most important aspect of food ordering – fulfilment. Our business sells convenience and users need to see that ordering food online is much more easier and convenient than phone ordering. So TastyKhana differentiates itself by providing guarantees on service. If a user opts to order food online via TastyKhana, he need not worry about being over charged, late delivery or restaurant issues, we take care of all issues. Everybody else in their terms and conditions first highlight what they are not responsible for (late delivery, menu prices, quality etc), we simply say  “you have trusted us with your meal, we will make sure you won’t go hungry". Our True Kare guarantee is our biggest USP."

For a real foodie there cant be a better feeling than seeing a successful order on it's way. And did I tell you as soon as you place the order, you get an sms confirmation on the delivery and email stating your order details. If you have absolutely no patience, then a feature called as 'track your order' might be of your interest.  

So here's what the party looked like at my place! Wait no more and get cracking with your party/festive/late night/random food gatherings and place your order on tastykhana now. A little birdie also told me about these really cool Diwali offers they have where in you can order a meal for Rs.300+ with coupon code TKDIWALI101 and pay just Rs. 101/- for the first 400 orders. 

Will I be ordering again? A big yes without a doubt! Hope you guys enjoyed the review, in case you have any recommendations, do let me know by dropping your comment below. :)
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