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Guide To Day Wedding Makeup + OOTD in a Sari


To all the beautiful readers, I want to begin this post by saying THANK YOU! Guiltybytes now has Google Page Rank 1, small milestones, Big achievements within 2 years! I have been attending a series of desi weddings and that's also why I was off from the blog. But here I am, back with a bang! Makeup plays a very important role in any day light function (read wedding function) and I couldn't help but notice white, blended faces of foundation around me. Here's a post on my OOTD and some makeup tips, hope you guys enjoy it!

The most important aspect of any day wear makeup is to get the base/foundation shade right. The good thing about night parties or weddings is that they kind of, cover up for all the makeup faux pass. I myself have struggled a couple of times in getting the day makeup right, especially the eyes! I did a winged eyeliner and for eye shadow I used, a silver+beige shadow and blended it well much before I applied the liner. Avoid too many colours on the eye during the day, it just ends up bleeding all over the face and yes, it looks like uugghh in the photographs, know what I am trying to say right?! The second big magic tool for day wear makeup is mascara. Use a voluminous mascara, my favorite ones are from L'Oreal and Lakme. I wore Lakme eyeconic in this look. For base, I am little too conscious and I never really follow the rule of 'it's looking fine'. For me it's either perfect or it's not right at all! I opted for a BB cream and CC cream combination for the base and it did wonders, truly! I moisturized my skin with Clinique moisturizer and then applied Ponds BB cream like a base. I used Lakme CC cream as concealer (under the eye, chin, under the nose) and blended it well. It looked as smooth as a cookie dipped in chocolate. :p

For lips, I did a stained look, which is basically done by application of lip balm, lots of lip balm and then applying a matte based lipshade on it. I am wearing a Mac. My hair was my most successful style I have done in the recent past. I twisted and turned the hair from the ends and ended up locking all the tresses as a side messy bun.  must have used about 30 odd bobby pins to make the bun stay and finished it up with a hair spray so that it settles and it did. I was longing to wear Orchids in my hair, but I didn't have time so I picked up artificial flowers and put them on a toothpick and inserted them at 2 places in the bun! Please tell me it looks good? 

Last but not the least, for any day wedding look, minimal + colours is the way to go. Dont over accessorize, instead pick statement pieces and do away with it. Your dress need not be very grand, but couple it with right blingy shoes and jewelry. Opt for feminine colours like Pink, purple, orange and more and look your best. And did I tell you, the saree I wore, has been made by a karigar (a craftsman) at his home and he will be soon selling it all on my new venture. Stay tuned for more details :)
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  1. I am very fond of make up. Thank you for posting the tops like this. I am following your blog daily. Just loved it :)