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Last Minute DIY Valentine Gifting Ideas!!!


14th February is almost here and as usual I am late and hence I was wondering what to gift to my loved ones (I know that doesn't sound good) but nevertheless, I began looking up on the internet for some cute ideas and I found some inspiring DIY gifts that you too can do for your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Idea #1

If you really really love him then you must let him know. This idea is my favorite of the lot. All you need to do is, send letters or small notes, put in different envelopes stating each reason as to why you love him. Bets for long distance relationships and very appropriate for the ones closer to you, you can simply hand it over to them after your date gets over!

Idea #2

"Kisses for You" Valentines notes. Cut out lipstick kiss marks and write sweet notes on the back as a cute Valentine's Day gift for him. And every time he is away, he will always have a kiss from you!

Idea #3

For the health conscious gym boy who is utterly fond of nuts and raisins, pack a jar of dry fruits for him in a cute way (with lace, ribbon, glitter) and write a personal message like- 'You are Nuts About Him'. This may not be the only gift you will want to give but it will surely bring a smile on his face. 

Idea #4

If he loves eating sweet, then this is your perfect chance to woo him with your culinary skills! Baking a heart shaped cake is super simple with this tutorial. Bake his favorite flavor in 2 parts to get the desired shape of the heart (refer to to the image above) and cut it when you are with him.

Idea #5

Who could image that the clips we use to hang our washed clothes could be a perfect tool to share personalized message. This is a perfect idea for first timers or the ones who still havent confessed their feelings. Try to get the wooden clips to get the desired results and yes, your message could be sweet or kinky, totally your call!

Idea #6

He loves his coffee and that too in a big mug! Well in that case get him one with hand written message/love letter on it that he will see every time he sips his potion. All you need is a marker and a mood full of love to scribble your thoughts. Don't worry if you make little errors, it will just add to it's value. 

Idea #7

You have your eyes set on him? well then, let him know this through pictures, your pictures. All you need is a photo frame with 3 container and 3 images of you poiting out the message that you intend to give. In the image above, the lover clearly states that she has her eyes are all heart of her love, now isn't that adorable? Do it for him and see his reaction!

Idea #8

Gifts for each hour of the day. This is a cute idea for anniversaries, birthdays, valentine's day, etc. You can pack any little gift, it need not be really expensive items, just a picture of you two, his favorite chocolate, his favorite music CD, a poster of his favorite football team and pack it as a gift for each hour. You can also attach a little note to each gift with a hint as to what the gift would be like!

Idea #9

Here's a adult gift idea for couples. Purchase unique items like a sexy lingerie, a perfume that drives him crazy, a cuff, a blind fold and everything that you want to experiment with! Place each pair in a different envelope and mark a day of the week that makes him run his imagination all over the place. Write a catchy phrase on the outside of the envelope that matches the style of the item packed inside and yes, don't forget to have loads of fun! ;) 

Idea #10

You both love to party together or you guys are hosting a house party this valentines day and you know what flavours of drinks are his favorite, then create a liquid pot for him. Get small bottles of alcohol that he loves to have or that has memories associated with the two of you and put them in a pot using cane sticks. Tie the bottle using flexible silver wires and make you both have the legal age to drink yeah! Don't forget to raise a toast with everyone in the house.

I hope these ideas inspire you all to get creative! I loved them all and I wish I had enough time to pull all of them, but I know which one am I doing. Would love to hear which one was your favorite of the lot?

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DISCLAIMER: Images and ideas are not original work of guiltybytes and have been sourced from Pinterest, Tumblr. 

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  1. These are really cute and romantic gifting ideas. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Ohh noo!! You forgot to buy a gift? Don’t worry get her on a romantic date and give surprise with bunch of flowers. This sounds like a perfect valentine’s day gift.