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Miss Guilty loves how the world is drooling over the yummy couple Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Well I have a very strong feeling that they have a long wayyyyyyy to go for obvious reasons given below-

REASON #1: Because they take happy selfie together. A couple that takes happy selfies in 2014 has obvious signs of great chemistry in today's time.

REASON #2: Because they love to snuggle with each other. Snuggling is a sure shot sign of a healthy emotional relationship where the couple is not just attracted to each other's physical appearance but is highly protective of one another.

REASON #3: Because they love sharing BEAR HUGS. Yes, if you too get bear hugs quiet often from your lover then my dear fraand, you are in great arms, oops, I mean in a happy relationship! Hugs stimulate love like feeling and bear hugs, well they stimulate love after feelings :p

REASON #4: Because they love to look into each other eyes in-between press shoots, events and more. This reminds me of Jonas Brother's song- When You Look Mi in the Eye, I Catch A Glimpse of heaven....oooooo! See this shows I am not just a Bollywood buff but err, boy band buff too.

REASON #6: Because a couple that does bum dancing together stays together. How cute are these two, I mean just look at them and their dancing moves?! Hainaaaa?

REASON #7: A couple that shares chubby genes, are ought to make a great photo frame. You know what they say in Hollywood, If you are a photogenic couple, shutterbugs will let your chemistry roll for like forever and ever! Well I guess it's same for this desi couple too. Look how pyaare they are.

I hope you guys loved all the 7 reasons I gave you. DO let me know which one's your favorite reason by dropping a comment below!
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