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The new section spotlight is a quick read, apt for anyone who does not have a lot of patience to read elaborate blog yes, enjoy the first edition!

If you thought that pearl jewelry belongs to cotton sarees and silk flares then my dear darling, you are absolutely wrong! Pearls are of the most classic and effortless jewelry pieces one can adorn, with any kind of look. Here are 5 ways that you can wear this classic piece-

1. Hair with Pearls: One of the best ideas of wearing pearls, introduced by the house of Coco Chanel, is the pearl decorated bobby pins that can adorn your evening up-do or a day-time look. This trend is not just for little girls but the grown up ones too! You can in fact glue some pearl beads on a bobby pin for a much sleek hair accessory. 

2. Jeans with Pearls: You are definitely wrong if you think jeans and pearl jewelry are a miss-match. Pearls and a pair of your favorite jeans can be the best solution for a fabulous night out. Just try your black (or dark) skinny jeans, killing heels, a loose silk top, a boyfriend's jacket and a long, double string of pearls. The celebrity is on the night out!

3. First Lady Pearls: With that little black dress, you can ditch the bling jewelry and go in for a first lady Michelle Obama kind of look. A nice smile on your face, delicate ladylike oomph and a short string of pearls (or doubled) around the neck will do the magic. Wear it with any kind of flared, a line, body con dress, choice is absolutely yours!

 Here's a quick guide on pearl necklaces for you-

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  1. my style is first and last one

  2. My personal favorite style is the Princess necklace!!! Great Post!!!