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10 Foods That Help Curb Over Eating


No matter what season is going on, the option of looking good should never be ruled out! Do you often find yourself over indulging in food- junk food, donuts, cupcakes, noodles? So while I am trying to look after my diet now, I bring to you 10 foods that will help curb over eating this season...

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1. Nuts

I am sure a lot of you know that nuts contain healthy fats but do you know that they are also good sources of appetite killing fibre? So this fibre digests your food slowly hence making your stomach full for much longer than other carbohydrates.

2. Oatmeal

So oatmeal helps you increase your body's levels of the appetite regulating hormones which may help control hunger and it will make your stomach stay fuller as well.

3. Mint

Mint is surprisingly an effective appetite suppressant.Add mint to your regular tea if you are trying to cut down on over-snacking.

4. Flaxseeds
Another great source of appetite suppressing omgea 3s. Flaxseeds increase levels of the apprtite suppressing hormone- cholecystokinin.

5. Eggs
Eggs are protein-packed and can help you control your appetite for up to 36 hours.

6. Lemon
Control over eating by adding lemon to your food. You can also control your sugar cravings by having some lemon after a meal. 

7. Soup
This ones a no brainer. If you choose soup in appetiser then you will end up eating less than usual. Also opt for clear broths instead of heavy creamy soups.

8. Green Tea 
Drinking hot water can help keep you full, but hot water with green tea may also help increase your levels of the appetite-regulating-hormone cholecystokinin.


9. Salmon
Reduce Hunger pangs with salmon that is also rich in protein and omgea 3s.


10. Water
Don't confuse de-hydration with hunger! Drink water, as much as you can to avoid over eating!

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  1. wow thanx for the insight! i love eating fish and flax seeds.!!!

  2. I love eating fish wholesome and healthy. I have replaced tea with green tea and have also started incorporating flax seeds in my diet. Thanks for the info.