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8 Bridal Entry Songs For An Indian Bride + Din Shagna Da Chadeya


One of my favorite moments at a wedding is the bridal entry! I still remember when my elder sister got married 3 years back, how much did we go crazy on finding the perfect entry song for her. Like the good ol' tradition, we zeroed on our favorite 'din shagna da' and then my cousin got married. While we didn't choose any entry song for her, all the girls who were escorting her sang songs all through the aisle. We sang, kabira, sangeet version! And we did grab all the eyeballs. In today's post I am listing down some of my favorite tracks that you as a bride, or sister of a bride, or as a best friend of a bride can play for the BRIDE'S grand entrance. 

Here's my b'ful cousin walking down her aisle  
#1 Din Shagna Da Traditional Version

#2 Din Shagna Da By Wedding Filmer

#3 Din Shagna By Rekha 

#4 Din Shagna By Wedding Story

#5 Maye Ni By Jasleen Royal

#6 Kabira- Encore By Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

# Jashne Babhara By Jodha Akbar

#7 Madhaniyan

#8 Kabira Cover By Kanik Mongia feat. Shirley Setia and Liam Smith

Weddings have the capability to make everyone go insane with the amount of work each family member is suppose to do but amidst all the busyness, do ensure that you wedding song is in place. When my sister, Divya di got married, I still remember we had given the DJ the song in a CD and still he couldn't play it on time. So while I was holding the chaddar, I had to take a small brake and do all the running around to finally get the song in place. And yes, wedding entrance songs can really set up the mood for your dream entry, all these beautiful songs will only add to your beauty! While Din Shagna tops my list and that's also the song I would like to be played at my wedding (blushing), there are so many different versions you can choose from. Heer from Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a good option too for someone who swears by Bollywood.

Indian weddings are like magic, and I am sure all the veteran brides agree with me on this. I have seen two of my closest sisters get married in two beautiful ceremonies and it's just moved my heart each single time. Nevertheless, I hope you liked my suggestions. In case you have any song in your mind that I may have missed, do let me know by dropping a comment below! 

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  1. love each one of em'. My fav has alsways been Din Shanga Da! bt i did get Kehneko Jashn Bahara hai on my engagmnet entry!!! bful memories!!!

  2. Good
    selection of songs for bridal entry. I personally like 'Kehne ko jashne
    bahara' as that gives a royal feeling with few urdu words in it giving a
    classy touch. I would recommend this song in my wedding to increase the
    decorum of my Brahmin matrimonial ceremony.