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Tricks To Add Volume To Any Hair This Party Season


New year parties are around the corner and it's important to have everything in place staring from dress, to makeup to accessories to your hair. To get a beautiful volume is every girl's dream and in today's post I am spilling some of my secrets on how to get voluminous hair.

#1 Prep Your Hair Roots
Your hair volume has got a lot to do with your hair roots. Cleanse your scalp well at the roots with a shampoo and massage it for at-least 5-10 minutes to stimulate the root and the hair on the day of the party. 

#2 Pin Up Hot Rollers
The best volume is achieved with hot rollers. If your curl is big, you will get bigger volume. Set the hair in stand-up pin curls and use a hair spray to achieve perfect look!

#3 Natural Bounce
Tie a high bun or a pony tail, be sure that it's not too loose. Let the hair be like that for at least 3-4 hour before the party starts and when you open it, you will get wavy hair with a lot of natural bounce. 

#4 Change Your Parting
Create a volume at the roots by changing your hair parting! This takes time but will work in the long run as switching parting to opposite direction goes against hair's natural growth. 

#5 Use Bobby Pins
Wear a puff at home, few hours before the party night and clip it up with bobby pins without using any hair sprays. Open the puff and you will end up getting a perfect volume. Here is a trick; leave your bangs out of the puff and then you will get a retro volume!

Hope you girls liked these quick, tried and tested tricks. If you have something more to add on tis, do let me know by dropping a comment below. 

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