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10 Times Katrina Kaif Was So Gorgeous It Hurt


It's Katrina's birthday, lets raise a toast for the #desi heroine who came and conquered.

1. When she showed the world her pre-abs in the Dhoom 3 poster, we had chills to the bone.

2. The Time she ate a GODDAMN MANGO and made us all go like ooooo--aaahhh--OMG--I want that.

3. And when she became SHEILA, our JAWANIS went out of control. 

4. How to forget the time when she gave us a perfect jawline and them cheekbones, racing our heart beats to a million. 

5. Remember the time she showed up in a RED dress increasing the smoke meter to infinity? Yup, we do too.

6. And when we saw her in a BINDI we forgot what we were talking about. *umm you were sayin somethin*

7. The time we saw her dance on TERI ORE in that black saree and got distracted for weeks. 

8. So we finally know why she can give "Beyonce" a run for her money.

9. We all know why she is such a SHOWSTOPPER! 

10. Annnnnndddd BOOM it was love at first sight!

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Wishing our b'day girl a very happy 30th birthday! 

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  1. Can't deny She got the best legs in Bollywood... loved her in the song Meherbaan from D movie Bang Bang. Happy birthday sexy!