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Wanting to see those #bodypositive post on Instagram with the hashtag CURVY? Well, you can't find it anymore because it turns out you can't search for that term on the app, Mashable reports. You however, get suggestions like #CurvyGirl, #CurvyFashion but you can't look for the tag #Curvy. 

Instagram spokesperson clarified that the ban has nothing to do with the word "curvy" itself. They block certain hashtags, when lots of users use rgem to share content that goes against community guidelines. According to the Insta team #Curvy was being used to violate their nudity policy. Hashtags such as #vaginas, #clitoris, #dildo, and #bitch are still fair game, though.

To combat the ban, women across the globe are using the hashtag #CURVEE. Check out some of the photos from this new moment. 

But even still, according to me, this censorship is hurtful towards my body image. I am a Punjabi, tall, north Indian woman who has never been narrow framed or petite, for me #curvy has been about  propagating a beautiful statement of self-esteem. I started #BodyPositive moment on the blog and I am more than inspired to make it big after this ban!

Not fair Instagram, not fair! 

Do let me know what do you guys think about this ban by dropping a comment below. 

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  1. Shame on Instagram to be so biased and hypocrite. Dirty hashtags are ok Bt curvy isn't. Come on. Grow some balls insta! #Curvee