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10 Gifs That Prove Sri Devi Is The Sexiest Woman To Happen To Bollywood :)


Sridevi turns 52 today and DAMN she still looks like a 25 year old (perhaps a little more older). Here are 10 Times she proved that there is absolutely no one as sexy as her or can ever be in Bollywood.

1. When Sridevi did Kaante Nai Kat Te Din Yeh Raat in rains.

2. When Hips Don't Lie became a national phenomenon much before Shakira came into the picture. 

3. Because she was the very first adopter of an off shoulder dress!  

4. Because she popularized big eyes and Contact lenses in India.

5. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what we mean?

6. Because she defined that life is too short to wear boring jewelry at once. 

7. Yo Sridevi so seductive, she makes the devil sweat in his pants! #justsaying

8. Because she had a perfect comeback and taught us to never forget to fall in love with yourself!

9. Because she made the hay stack look as sexy as her!

10. And finally, because she got the moves like Jagger!

@Teamguiltybytes  wishes a very happy birthday to the ageless beauty, Sridevi! :) 

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  1. When ever i see her i breath faster.. i am 25 and she is 53 and i need no effort to wet my pants when i see her..only she can do than to me..she is my midnight goddess ... she is always in my heart, brain and even in my balls...omg what a pair of balloons she has...oh god..wont i get a chance to be with her long will i have to shake it off..i just want my snake to pass through her beautiful silicon valley