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10 Instagram Photos Of Ranbir And Deepika From Tamasha That Breaks Our Heart!


Deepika and Ranbir are going to share their on screen magic once again but before that here are our favorite photos of the couple that makes us realize that they were so perfect, are so perfect together! *Why yu do breakups Deepika and Ranbir*

1. Those loving hugs!

2. Once upon a time BAE looks at you like that!

3. When they make you laugh so much that it hurts!

4. Read between the lines!

5. This moment looks wayyyyyyyyyy too perfect, *cries eyes out*

6. When you just can't help but fall into their arms!

7. Friendship like no other!

8. When *baaaam* we are in love!

9. The same love that makes her laugh, makes me cry!

10. Because when you are looking at love, it's ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each other love.  

Tamasha is all set to release on 25 November. We can't wait to see their magical chemistry again on screen.

- Photo Source Instagram. Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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