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Must Have Picture for The Bride-To-Be!


It’s said that a wedding day is the day for the bride. It’s a day all about her.Everyone is fussing over her and is giving her the utmost importance. The perfect muse for the photographer But there are some photo’s that is a must shoot for all the brides.

The Back Pose so that you have a picturesque  frame to put beside your bed or just a reminder of you leaving your old home and entering a new life.

The sitting pose: Well this one just for all your social media uploads for your instagram and facebook. after all. That’s a must  have too.
The One while dressing up so that you can recall the transition of yourself into a bride and remember all the hair pulling ,and make-up plus the feverish excitement to see yourself all dolled up.
The Full Frontal Pose: So that when flipping back you can once more take in the essence of how breathtaking you looked and recall both your excitement and your nervousness.
Be it for your brand new home or just to keep it to capture those beautiful moments and re-visit them again.

Photo Source Pinterest. Aastha for @TeamGuiltyBytes

Disclaimer: Images are not original work of

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