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4 festive hairstyles for the Short haired Diva


For us Indian girls, weddings and festivities are all about getting dolled up wearing beautiful blingy ethnic or indo-western outfits. But usually, with such outfits braids and buns complement the best. Well, then what about those bob-cut Indian fashionistas?
We have 4 quick fix hairstyles which are so desi and yet so trendy to give your look an ethnic glam.

Braid it up
Since your hair are short on the back, they can be left loose. This hairstyle has a lot to do with your side/front bangs. Simply braid the bangs like a regular french braid and keep repeating till the end of the ear. Once there, just secure it with bobby pins/tic tac clips.
Quick Tip- If you are not comfortable with a french braid, you can also resort to the regular braid.


Twist it French
A french twisted bun doesn't require a lot of hair and is easy to achieve. This hair-do is perfect for Diwali and goeswell with your wedding suits and sarees.
Quick Tip- If your hair are layered and strands tend to stick out, use some flowers on the side where you have secured it.


The Corporate Look
Its sexy, defined and edgy and surely requires a lot of back-combing. Just backcomb the front till the crown and tie the hair into a small bun below the crown. Secure it with hairspray so that bangs and layered hair do not mess the look up.
Quick Tip- If your hair are too short to be tied in a bun, simply make a small ponytail.


Do the Donut
Donuts are easily available in beauty stores and others like Forever 21. You could also make a donut at home with a clean sock. For short length tresses, just make a ponytail and instead of holding the donut on the tip, hold near the hair-tie. By flipping your head over, let the hair fall on the donut and once the hair cover it all, secure it with another hair-tie. For the little hair peeking out, let U-pins work their way.
Quick Tip- You could also give it a more casual look by leaving some hair sticking out.


Image Source Pinterest.Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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