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5 Creative Yet Cute Ways To Go Green At Your Wedding


Its a known fact that our planet isn't doing that well in terms of health and we need to do our part in going green. So why not take a greener step at your wedding. In fact you would be surprised to know how making small changes here and there will not only make you an eco friendly bride but will add an uncommon element to your wedding celebrations! Check out 5 cute ideas from Pinterest...

1. Paper Mats
Instead of the regular plastic mats substitute with paper mats which have amazing printable patterns in fact you can even get the Couple's names on them. Plus they can be doubled up to be used as paper napkins as well.

2. Artificial Flower Arrangements
Substitute  the real flower arrangement with the artificial ones. Not only would you be saving on the cost but also remember that these can be reused unlike real ones.

3. E-Vites
The best way to save on paper is to just go digital. With social media on such a high no one is going to miss the invite.

4. Eco-Vites
If going online isn't your thing then opt for invites made out of recycled paper and jute. They look beautiful and cute.

5.Outdoor Venue
The venue matters a lot for obvious reasons. But an outdoor venue requires a lot less decoration fewer lights which means saving of energy. Plus an outdoor venue has its own natural charm which is incomparable.

.- Image Source Pinterest. Aastha for @Teamguiltybytes

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