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5 Ways to Use Baby Products in your Beauty Regime


We all know that there's no fragrance as pleasant as that of baby products. But did you know that these baby products can do so much not only for babies but us as well? They are a great beauty hack and should definitely be a part of your beauty regime. 

1. Baby Powder Makes Greasy Hair look Fresh
Feeling lazy to wash your third day hair? Well, all you got to do is take some baby powder on your palm, rub it and apply it on your scalp. Massage till the white residue vanishes and say hello to fresh, fragrant hair!


2. Use Baby Powder to Fake Long Lashes
Long lashes add a hint of drama to your look which makes your eyes appear absolutely stunning. Before using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes, use a little baby powder on them. Try it ladies, it actually works. 

3. Apply Johnson's Baby Cream as a Face Moisturizer 
Extreme winter is a moisture sucker for the skin. But the Johnsons baby Cream is a holy grail product for winter as it provides hydration without making the skin greasy. 


4. Baby Oil can help remove Makeup 
You must have heard and seen people using high-end, expensive oils to remove their makeup. But, using a baby oil will make you ditch those brands as it removes makeup in no time. Also, it easily comes out with wiping twice and won't stick on to your face forever.

5. Baby Shampoo as Everyday Shampoo can be less damaging for the hair
Those of you who have an oily scalp and are sick of washing you hair every single day, you have no idea how much damage those harsh chemicals are doing. Baby Shampoo is mild and does the job of removing oil pretty well. So, wash those strands every single day without a hint of guilt.  

So ladies, it's time to hit the baby rack for your beauty shopping now. 

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