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In conversation with Ambika Anand, Band Baja Bride Season 6


An Indian Tv anchor. Editor in chief, fashion at NDTV GoodTimes, the lifestyle channel of NDTV, Ambika Anand, known for hosting her current show Band Baja Bride with Sabyasachi along with Bharat Arora. She has also hosted various other shows like Get the Look, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, I'm Too Sexy For My Shoes to name a few.

Born in Delhi, this TV anchor has made her way to the the various seasons of NDTV GoodTimes' most watched show, Band Baja Bride with Sabyasachi show. Although she skipped season 5 but has returned for the their current ongoing season 6. Team Guilty Bytes had the privilege to interview Ambika Anand when she was in town for the shooting of one of the episodes of BBB season 6. Here's a brief interview with the lady herself!

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How does it feel to be back on the show?
I love this show! The team is so wonderful. The director, Sabyasachi, Bharat, the make up artist, I mean its like like coming back to your family. So its really very special and nice.

Having a business background and currently doing lifestyle shows, what do you find better, business or fashion?
To be honest, I love fashion and I constantly read about it. I know what we do on Indian television is restricted but I do read a lot about fashion. I love fashion as a subject, I find it very interesting how it functions globally. In terms of business, I love business, eventually that's where I will go back.

Wedding involves two people. Any particular reason why the focus is only on the bride? (Band Baja Bride)

Basically it is the hard truth of life  that in weddings, women are more appealing than men. There's more you can do with a woman than a man, It's a very sexist, a male driven one to be clear, the only place where we women get preference is when it comes to fashion and clothes. There's so much to look forward to in grooming the bride, so many accessories, lehenga, bandgala, maang tikka, kalire, choora, etc. Men on the other hand are generally limited to turban and facial hair.

Who are your personal favorite wedding designers, except Sabya of course!!

I have a huge crush on Anamika Khanna. Like I am obsessed with her. I also love the silhouettes by Shantanu and Nikhil. They are very interesting and form flattering. Currently these two are my hot favorites.

Coming back on the show, What's different about this season?

Apart from the makeovers to the bride and groom, we're travelling this season to lesser known places like Guwahti and explore their marriage traditions. touching upon the local culture.

A message for the brides and grooms to be!

Go crazy! Go spend on your wedding and not all of it (giggles) save for the future as well. A wedding is something you celebrate throughout your life and not just those three days. It's a life long journey.

The expert herself has let the cat out of the bag, ladies. Gear up for your wedding and have the time of your life. You wedding is your day, make the most of it!! All the attention is going to be on you, people are going to watch you, make it worth their while!!

- Jesmehr for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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