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Rimi Sen Gets Evicted But Walks Away With A "Bank Balance" More Than The Bigg Boss Winner


The show's most disinterested contestant Rimi Sen got evicted from the show tonight. Depsite being evicted, Rimi is one happy soul mostly because she stayed back because of the Rs 2 crore contract with the makers of Bigg Boss!

Now that she has been eliminated in a normal process, she is going to get all her money post eviction. According to DNA, the pact made with her was that if Rimi leaves the show on her own, she will get only 20% of the amount promised.

A photo posted by Bigg Boss (@bigg.boss.9) on

Rimi must be having the last laugh today because she gets to keep the Rs 2 crore as per her contract and whoever will be the winner will only get only Rs 39 lakh, lesser than the original prize money of Rs 50 lakh because of a task in the show. 

Now all we can say is that- "yeh kahan ka insaaf hai my lord"

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  1. I love Rimi. She won my heart. Rimi sen rocks and bigg boss and entire team sucks

  2. Rimi is the best...Bigg Boss didn't deserve a contestant like her and she emerged a winner for many in all aspects :)

  3. I never know that she will be getting 2 crores & that's why she was staying in the house.