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Did Yuvika Try To Create Problem Between Keith And Rochelle In The BB House!


Yuvika Choudhary one of the bigg boss contestant remained unnoticed for many weeks. But now she is trying out means and ways to get attention of both housemates and viewers. Like yesterday night she was being very friendly read flirting with the new wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha. According to sources of Miss Malini Yuvika says that Rimi and Keith would make a perfect match!

Yuvika said that Rimi and Keith are very much alike as they have the same calm nature so she thinks that they will make a good pair. She also said that since Keith and Rochelle are not married yet so anything can be happen. Rochelle was present all this while in the room and heard everything. After this conversation she went out of the room and started crying in front of Keith.


If all this is true we just cant wait to see how Keith will handle this situation! 

- Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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