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10 Kundan Polki Jewellery Designs From Pinterest Every Bride Needs To Check Out!


Kundan and Polki reflect India's rich cultural and jewellery heritage. Let me just start by saying that every desi bride looks stunning when she adorns a kundan, polki jewel with her wedding dress. The reason is obvious because this genre of jewellery goes with any damn Indian embroidery, style, fabric or the occasion. The art of kundan/jadau jewellery comes from the Mughal era and the process in which these jewels are made or designed is very intricate. 

So what is the difference between Kundan and Polki jewellery? Both are essentially stones but polki is uncut diamond or unfinished diamond that doesn't undergo any enhancements or changes. Kundan on the other hand is made of glass stone also known as glass polki. 

What is more expensive- Kundan jewllery or Polki jewellery? since Polki is uncut diamond and not glass, it is way more expensive than kundan. Both these jewels have very low resale value so consider them to be heritage jewellery. Polki is also priced according to it's clarity, cut, colour just like a diamond jewellery.

Here are 10 designs from Pinterest that you need to check out right away!










So while Kundan polki jewellery looks super royal and elegant, one can even opt for pieces made with gem stones and detailed enamle work. Chaandbalis in Kundan or Polki are one of my personal favaorites and I recommend it all brides in their trousseau. 

Do not confuse jadau to be a jewellery or another type of kunda/polki jewel. It is a technique used to make these jewels and you can get this work done from anywhere in Rajasthan or Jammu that houses some of the best jadau work jewels. My mum is from Jammu so I know why it belongs to that state. If you have any query on where to shop, what do you like in particular or simply how to style a jewellery piece, then do write to me!

All images via Pinterest. Cover Image from here

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