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7 Reasons Why You Should Download Swiggy- The Coolest Food Ordering App


I have so many work friends who spend more time researching where to eat than they dedicated to their entire office! While we're all for eating good food and indulging into great tastes, sometimes nothing satisfies our cravings because we don’t know where to look for our like some crispy-fried wings served with home style sides and more. This is where Swiggy, a food ordering and delivering company come into the picture! There maybe multiple options in the market place that help you order your next mea, here are 7 reasons why Swiggy is the coolest food-ordering app in your city!

#1 On Swiggy each order can be customized to your preferences just the way you like it! This means that you can opt for medium rare cook or a super spicy meal. 

#2 The app features a recommended list for all the restaurants that will help you choose from the frequently ordered dishes or the most popular ones making it easy for you to take a call.

#3 It delivers through their own logistic instead of restaurants delivering which also means that your order will arrive on time with no inconvenience at all ☺

#4 The best part of Swiggy is that there is no minimum order value for restaurants, now how cool is that? (No more unnecessary dishes to be added up in your order anymore)

#5 Now break away from constant follow ups with your restaurant or the delivery boy as orders can be live tracked from their pick up to their delivery time. 

#6 Download the app for the variety of cuisines that are listed on it based on your location. I saw the smallest of eatery in my location featured on the app (really does work, mommy promise)

#7 Lastly, if you are a foodie like me, then leave no room to try an app for it’s good-looking selection of photos and visually alluring food shots that are available in a single click!

Download this app here for a great delivery service and yummy food  today!

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