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8 Photos of The Indian Army From the Chennai Floods That Will Make You Re-think On Your Definition of A HERO


A massive relief operation by the Indian Army and Navy is underway in Chennai, which has been hit by severe torrential rains. While the government is on is way to help the locals, the Indian Army along with our Navy has triggered relief operations to stabalize situations. I am sure that there are many organizations involved in this process, but being an OG kid, I couldn't help but share these powerful photos of the army while at the rescue operation. Share if you believe it is "service before self" for the men in uniform.

Image via Economictimes

Image via Economictimes

Image via BBC

Image via Rediff

Image via Rediff

Image via Indianexpress

Image via Economictimes

Image via Firstmail

The men and women in olive green and their counterparts in the Indian Navy and National Disaster Response Force are outing their lives in danger yet again while trying to rescue and provide relief to the flood-hit residents of Chennai. Here's a shoutout to these brave men from #TeamGuiltyBytes! 

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