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Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation Review, Price In India


A foundation for INR 5000, Would I buy it again? Heck YES! I have tried many Bobbi Brown foundations over the years but didn't stick with any - they were either too drying or not a good match with my skin tone or didn't contain sunscreen. This one checks off all those boxes: and stays on the skin all day long. My favourite feature of this foundation is it's colour which doesn't seem to darken. Why so much money on a single bottle of foundation? Well simply because Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin serum foundation has an excellent colour corrector in it and it evens skin tone beautifully. Read full review below. 

Housed in a heavy glass bottle with a dropper applicator, this lightweight formula not only delivers moisture and medium coverage but also gives one a very dewy, natural-looking finish. This is best for normal to dry skin and has a strong lavender smell which I don't have a problem with. At SPF 40, it's one of the higher levels of broad-spectrum sunscreen foundations available in India. 

I have started to wear this foundation to all my shoots and realized that it colour corrects my skin like no other. I use to wear MAC NC 40 and struggled with a fresh looking, glowing face but this on the other hand has a dewy finish and not shiny. It looks and feels like I have no makeup on at all. 

When I use this, I can skip the moisturizer with this foundation. Hence, I wouldn't recommend it to the ones with oilier skin because it will moisturize your skin way too much. This foundation is best layered with your hands because of it's serum like use and feel and can be finished with a sponge.

The colour is neither too yellow nor too beige, what I do feel is that is has a very seamless look that blends with ease. Because it brightens up my complexion, it draws me in. Other than the pricing the only drawback I feel it has is- The dropper which is messy to use and handle.

As for the ingredients, the foundation contains bamboo grass extract to combat dulness. Mushroom Extract, lychee extracts replenishes the skin for daily wear.  and more that keeps skin hydrated.

Would I Repurchase It?
Yes for it's natural looking coverage.

INR 5,000+

Available in 16 shades at Sephora or Bobbi Brown Stores across.

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  1. Over 5 grand for a foundation. That is EXPENSIVE!

  2. It sounds like an amazing foundation. But too expensive. Does it photograph well with flash, considering it has high PSF level ?