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Discovering My Skin With Boroplus #MySkinMyCity App!


I have been someone who never settles for anything mediocre when it comes to skincare in spite of the diverse roles I play in my life. With a super hectic but exciting lifestyle, I occasionally get time to evaluate my skin and hold up with its changing demands. Whether you call it a blessing in disguise or sheer luck, I couldn’t have been more regular about my skin care had it not been for Boroplus healthy skin survey!

It is very important to know what products work together, how they benefit you basis your skin type. This skin survey has helped me understand my skin’s need, its texture and type in the simplest way possible. ‘My skin, my city’ insights have made me realize that I have open pores and fine lines in my 20 something’s.  Even if you’re not quite up for using a dozen distinctive skin creams, the question remains: what products should be in your skin care routine? Do you really need them all? What do they all do?

Getting perfect skin doesn’t have to be hard. Follow this quiz here that will help your skin return to its healthy state in no time. These set of questions have helped me categorize my skin into the not-so-smooth category and also take a deeper look at it. 
The city score feature essentially tells you that the state of our skin has a lot to do with the environment around. You will be surprised to determine what your city score looks like!

My skin score has made me comprehend that there is no need to spend a fortune trying to get healthy skin, it’s just a matter of getting back to simpler times and going more natural. 

Don't have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics, but before that find your skin score. 

Try this skin-o-meter here and share your score with me in the comment box below.

*Guiltybytes X Boroplus

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