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Sapna Bhawani Lashes Out At Katrina Kaif On Her Facebook!


The news is still viral on social media that Katrina's red hair in Fitoor costs Rs. 55 Lakhs. When Sapna Bhawani heard she lashed out at Katrina in her Facebook page. Here what she said," The white people left but we are still smitten by them. Any Indian stylist could’ve done this job (maybe even better or suggested her not to do it cuz it doesn’t suit her) but that’s not the point,The point is which Producer would’ve paid an Indian Stylist 55 lakh to do the job?? Lol, I don’t think I even need to answer that. I love our Indian Hair Industry and salute every stylist working their ass off and want them to know we are worth more!
This racism is evident in every field be it modelling, cinematography, directing, hair/makeup, wardrobe, etc Etc … This has to change. First, a woman, then an Indian… two whammies against equal pay is just ridiculous. ‪#‎katrinaKaif‬" 

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