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Save Your Skin From Hot Shower This Winters!


Long hot showers are not good for the skin, yes you heard it right! If you think that it will help you to survive the freezing temperatures well, it's not true because it will cause dry, irritated, itchy skin. So basically the long, hot showers compromise the skin oils that act as barriers of the skin by depleting the skin surface

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To quit the hot shower regime, one can use a hydrating cleanser and use a soap bar only in your underarms and feet. One must also follow up the shower routine with some oil application and an emollient cream to trap oils into the skin surface. Also to reduce the skin dryness, you should apply some olive oil or almond oil.

Luke warm water is the best for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. So, try these steps and keep your skin healthy this winters! 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this! I love taking hot showers in the winter....but my skin has been super dry lately. Maybe this is why!