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Things People Are Saying On The Internet About Ranbir-Katrina Breakup!


We already told you that Ranbir Kapoor had moved out to his new apartment without Katrina Kaif following which the two split. So far the reason for their break up is their career stress but their fans on the internet have a lot to say...

Here are some of the things people had to say

#1 When people had to blame Deepika's PR.

#2 And some blamed Ranbir's family!

#3 Many connected the breakup to Fitoor's launch date.

#4 Some had a little piece of advice for the two!

#5 This is what RANKAT fan had to say!

There is so much that is being said and written and we really don't know the real reason yet. But Fitoor looks like a good bet!  

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