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"Arjun Kapoor Is The Most Uncool Brother" Says Sonam Kapoor!


Sonam Kapoor is very busy for the promotions of Neerja. Recently in an interview Sonam Kapoor said sometimes it feels “annoying” to see the “protective” behaviour of her brothers. Here's what she said about her many brothers on the TV show," It is a disaster to have so many brothers and party with them. They’re so protective, which is annoying."

She also added that this behaviour not only ends with her brothers but her male friends also behave with her in a protective manner," And even the guy friends I make, become like my brothers. They’ll tell me that no guy is good enough to be introduced to me and all. They don’t want me to get close to any guy."  She also said that Arjun is really "uncool", " Arjun though is very cool in his personal life, he is the most uncool brother I have. He tells me that when you decide to get married then introduce the guy to me."

Neerja will be release on February 19! 

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