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#InLoveAgainAtCCD This Valentine’s Day!


You could be the kind of couple that eats, breathes, dreams romance, or you could be a workaholic pair who needs to schedule their moonlit dates. You two could even be adventure junkies who are always on the go, or the kind who enjoys each other's company. Doesn't matter who you're courting, there's an exciting Valentine's Day celebration out there for each one of you at Cafe Coffee Day. I had a chance to relive my date with my best friend at Cafe Coffee Day and I had a ball. There are a lot of interesting things that you can explore at the CCD outlet and the highlight happens to be the special Eat, Date, Celebrate’ menu. Well here's what my day looked like...

Since most "first" dates happen at a coffee shop, I remember the time I met my best friend Vikram over a hot cup of coffee! To me, a great coffee shop is about great coffee, of course, but it is also about the something that makes me want to do more than just buy a coffee. I like how comfortable one feels at their favorite coffee place for as long as I can recall, Cafe Coffee Day was the first coffee shop I went to. This time, I went with my bestie to CCD to fall in love with ourselves, to celebrate our friendship and our journey over the years. 

We comfortably settled ourselves at the cupid's corner. It is a place to be for every couple this valentines and hey, you need not be shy at all. We started out by playing "First Date Quiz" which was super fun. I read the cue cards and asked him if he remembered my first coffee that I had ordered when we first met and bingo... he just knew it! He did ask me if I remembered his outfit on our first coffee, and trust me it wasn't hard to guess- denims and white shirt (his all time favourite). I loved how the atmosphere helped us to bond with each other and remember all the good ol' memories and we had fun choosing the perfect coffee for one another from the Eat, Date, Celebrate’ menu.

Right after the quiz we ordered a hot cup of coffee for ourselves. This Valentine's day, Cafe Coffee Day's 'Eat, Date, Celebrate’ menu includes coffee along with some delectable treats! You can choose between a sinful 'Devils Own' coffee or go in for a hot treat with 'Flavoured King Cappuccino' at the cafe. Satiate your taste buds with sizzling chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Save room for lots of desserts as 'Dark Passion' will swoon your taste buds like no other. The brewmaster used latte art and wrote messages for us. Now how cute is that?!

Vikram and I are both fond of getting our pictures clicked so when we figured that there are some fun placards along with the photo booth we couldn't help but choose the perfect placard that stands true for our friendship.

We did end up making some funny poses and re-created the iconic Titanic pose (clearly he had a good laugh). It was one of the most memorable coffee date we had in the longest time. 

Cafe Coffee Day makes me realize that I always want to keep coming back to them. Maybe it's the atmosphere of cozy that makes me want to sit down with the best people in my life with a fresh cup of brew and spend hours soaking it all in.

Do visit your nearest CCD outlet and indulge yourself in a scrumptious Eat, Date, Celebrate’ menu this Valentine's day!

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