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Pan Am73 Survivor Talks About Last Moments Of Neerja's Fight And How They Shot Her!


Sonam Kapoor's Neerja is already a hit movie of the year and we can say that this is the best performance of Sonam so far. Dr. Kishore Murthy the survivor of the PanAm 73 hijack shared his experience and he also saw how Neerja got shot right in front of him. In a recent interview with Indiatimes he said, " 25-30 passengers were killed and a large number were injured. The terrorists began screaming in Arabic. They made 300 passengers move to the front of the economy cabin. Four terrorists took position in four corners of the cabin and started shooting and throwing grenades. One person opened the door that led to the wing of the plane. I remember Neerja screaming to that passenger that he should use another escape route where there was an emergency chute. But he jumped from the wing to the ground and was, as a result, paralyzed. It was very sad.You know, Neerja was the first person who could have run away. She was trained and she knew what was happening. She was at the entrance of the aircraft when the terrorists boarded. She could have escaped like the pilots did, but she didn’t do it. That shows her guts and her inner strength. She was truly a great leader".

We can say that Neerja is a true inspiration! 

You can read full interview here

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