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Tips To Buy Bridal Jewellery & Budget Jewellery Ideas


Choosing the perfect bridal jewellery that will make one look like a royalty is every girl’s dream! While there are many options to explore, one must always remember to pay as much attention to the bridal jewellery well on time. This may just be your once in a lifetime acquisition and hey your wedding jewellery doesn’t need to finish all your bank balance! Today on the blog, Wamika, our Truly Bridal by Kalyan Expert will help you find your perfect bridal jewellery with these simple tips.

For the vintage bride owing an heirloom jewel can turn out to be a beautiful dream. For someone who adorns vintage, you can wear timeless pieces that come with a little sentiment.  Family jewels that can be passed on to different generations may be a good bet, but in case you don’t get your hands on these then get your look ready at least 3 weeks before your big day. A good idea is to begin reading and researching as much as you want, before you go out visiting different stores. Having prior knowledge about the stones, diamonds, metal can give you a fair idea on the budget and the style preference.

Setting a budget only for jewellery always comes handy and it sets the right direction to allocate your spends on different kinds of jewels. You can buy much more jewellery with meticulous planning. Buy only from trusted jewellers who can give you hallmarked jewellery.

It is integral to buy jewels that can be used post your D-day. Experiment with detachable jewellery and multipurpose jewels. Opt for a choker and statement earrings that can be worn together and as a stand-alone piece. Earrings that transition from modern to traditional can also be worn. Gold earrings never go out of fashion, hence don’t forget to invest in a suitable pair.

 Always remember that your jewellery should reflect your personality and yes, less is more. Check out the video below by Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers in which Wamika talks about how to shop for your bridal jewellery.

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