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Whoa! Shahid Kapoor Praises Ex Girlfriend Priyanka Chopra


Bollywood is seeing a very positive chnage when it comes to exes talking about each other in public! Be it Salman Khan or Deepika Padukone everyone seems to talk about their former flames with great ease. Recently Shahid Kapoor went all out to praise his former girlfriend, Priyanka Chopra and said some really great things about her girl of the moment!

Present for an event, when Shahid Kapoor was asked about Priyanka’s great stint overseas, he said, “Priyanka is doing amazingly well I am very happy for her. She has made all of us proud. She always had the potential to become an intentional star and she has proved it.” 

Wow, he always knew it that she had what it takes to be an international star. Now how sweet is that?

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