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Finally! Ankita Lokhande Opens Up About Her Break Up With Sushant Singh!


Sushant and Ankita's breakup was the hot topic of the town. There were many rumors round for their break up. But now finally, Ankita opens up about her thoughts to Mumbai Mirror. Here's what she said," I don’t know why everyone’s speculating about our six-year relationship has ended and that we are no longer together. It’s unnecessary and uncalled for. I am there with him as always, I love Sushant Singh Rajput unconditionally. These rumours are completely baseless and in bad taste. Such rumours hurt since I have always admired and respected Sushant for his loyalty and commitment. He has never played games with me. He has always been a one-woman man and I love my man." 

She also said that she did not come for the Holi party was because of her fractured foot. When asked about their wedding she laughed and said," You’ll definitely get invited to my wedding. As of now, all I can say is that anything that happens between us is our business alone. I can only assert that I love Sushant unconditionally and he, more than anyone else, knows it."

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