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Kangana Ranaut’s Father Talks About The Actress Being "UNWANTED"


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Kangana Ranaut made a shocking revelation recently where she opened up about growing up in an environment where she was made to feel unwanted. After her sister Rangoli was born, her parents had a baby boy who died with in 10 days. As per Kangana when she was born, her  parents couldn’t come to terms with the fact that it was a girl again. 

Commenting on her claim, her father Amardeep Ranaut’s told IANS- “When she was born, that time the atmosphere in our village about a girl child was very backward. It was not like a celebration, but it was more like a funeral.” It doesn’t end there. He also added, “The villagers used to come to our house and say, ‘Oh, now a daughter again’. So, there was no celebration, nor did we distribute sweets. We were hoping that since we had lost our son, another son would come back.”

No wonder she is such a strong woman and takes pride in being one!

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