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Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Catfights In Bollywood!


Priyanka Chopra is one of the successful actress in Bollywood. Now she is ruling the heart over Hollywood. Recently, in an interview with Hindustan Times she talks about the catfights and everything. Here what she said," I never get affected by the success or failure of anyone else. I believe that an actor is chosen on his or her merit. I have always tried to compete with myself and have looked for bigger opportunities. Maybe, if my career wasn’t great, I would have been insecure… Women get reduced to catfights. Look at today’s girls; they are so confident. When two actors are close to each other, people call it a bromance. But that’s never the case with actresses, as we are only associated with catfights. I have shared good relationships with all my female co-stars. I believe they are all very secure and confident about their position in the industry."

She also added," When I was relatively new in the industry, I was in talks with a producer, who wanted to cast me in his film. But, due to some date issues, it didn’t work out. He told me, that he will either cast someone else or will launch a new actor because actresses are replaceable. That got stuck in my head. Now, I jokingly tell him that I am irreplaceable. I made a deliberate effort to become irreplaceable."

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