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"Sunjay Decided To Play Polo With Prince William When Our Kid Was Not Well" Says Karisma Kapoor!


The case of Sanjay Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor getting uglier day by day. Recently Karisma filed a case of mental harassment and now she has opened in an interview with Times Of India. She said," (Sunjay) decided to carry on leaving me behind to take care of our sick four-month-old son just to play a Polo match with Prince William.'' She also added that Sunjay married her because she was a famous actress," I also realized that he had married me only as I was a famous and successful film star which would facilitate him to be reported in the press. It came as a surprise that he always wanted to be known in public and be famous, but since he never did any deed worth mentioning, he was not able to garner any attention."


Well. Let's see what will happen next in their life! 

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