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Tricks To Layer Perfume and Body Lotion Together!


Many of us buy fragrance-free body cream/lotion so that it doesn't interfere with our signature fragrance . Or many a times we end up becoming the girl known for overdosing on perfume or eau de toilette. But when you really know what you’re doing, layering scented body lotion and perfume can actually be a genius move. Here we list out the dos and don’ts of how to layer lotion and perfume, so that you are the most talked about girl for all the right reasons:

#1 Apply Your Body Lotion/Cream First
You should always apply your lotion after bath and then apply perfume.The lotion will form a great fragrance base and a complimentary perfume will enhance the fragrance.

#2 Layering Compliments doesn't Intensify
Layering two fragrance-filled objects doesn't intensify the smell, but it complements the different notes. In fact,experts say lotion under perfume is a good way to introduce layering in general. 

#3 Buy Complementing Perfume and Body Lotions
The process of layering can be easy if you pick fragrances that work well together i.e complement each other. Experts say that one should try combine Floral body lotion with a Musky fragrance. This will make the overall fragrance deeper and richer.  Also you should layer a light scent with other one that’s stronger. For instance one must always combine Floral and Oriental or Musk and Floral and Fruity and Floral.

#4 Layering helps last the fragrance
Sometimes fragrance evaporates early or the second you put it on your skin, in such a scenario layering will help the scent stay around longer, which we all have always strived to achieve. You can also perfumed Bathing Oil to the water before using a perfume.

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